Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I refuse to name names... but, I am so pissed right now at people that don't keep their words. Looking back over the years in the modeling industry.. I've had my bad moments... but, I've learned and moved on in nothing but positive ways.
I've been honest and up front with everyone I've worked with over the years.
I can't believe people can just turn their backs on someone or something just because it's not them or theirs. That's fucked up!!

That's all I'm gonna say.
I'm pissed and needed to rant.

Now, I'll try to pick up where I left off... but taking a 4 year step back!!


Allan Lorde said...

This sounds like a horrible situation, Syn. I'm sorry this happened. Of course, I (and others, I'm sure) can't help but wonder who dissed you like that, but you're the better person for not naming names.

Synful Dame said...

Thank you, Allan for all your support. I will have a new site up and running very soon.

Ragen Nolee said...

I sooooo understand the pissed off thing with this not naming names but i'm pretty sure that I know who your talking about. I'm pretty mad about what all is going on myself, having to work on everything all over again really sucks.

Synful Dame said...

Ragen Nolee I've been trying to reach you!! Whats your email address?!!

I hope you still go at it babe & if you need any help hit me up!
You're a great model & i sure hope you don't let this set back be the end of that.


RagenNolee said...

My email is and I would really love a chance to talk to you because i'm just about at that point where I feel like quiting. I really really don't want to because I love it so much but I just don't have any clue what to do now.

Synful Dame said...

I'll email you this weekend and we can talk about other options rather than you quitting. Like I said before, you're very unique and it's clear that this is something you're passionate about. So, you shouldn't let this keep you down. Although, I know exactly how you feel, girl.

talk to ya soon.

BigGirlSketchBlog said...

Wow! I hear you Syn. It really sucks when you think you know someone and then they dick you over. Sounds like you need a sketch to cheer you up. I'll send you a little something soon!

sasha said...

Damn that sucks I really hate that this is the case. Keep your head up