Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am very sad to say that my website is down. It was time for the domain to get renewed and it seems my webmaster has went mia. =( I found out by a member emailing me asking where the site was. When I get emails in regards to an issue with my site. I feel so helpless. I don't run it, nor do I know how to run a website. I wish I had more input on that sort of stuff.

So, I wanted to let you all know that it's down for the time being. I plan to wait as long as I can for an answer. I've only had one webmaster during my time being a "solo" web girl. I'd really like for it to stay that way. But, if for whatever reason I have to get a new webmaster I'll do whatever to get my site back up and running before the end of next month.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and support.
You all make a gal feel very special.



Faye Daniels said...

Yea - that's not ok at all. Get a new one. I totally know the feeling and made a change in the end.

You'll be successful no matter what, you're so amazing at what you do, you just need a good team of people backing you.

ShamelessAngel said...

I am so sorry you are going through that. I would feel so helpless as well. It just sounds so crazy. My girls get mad at me if I don't get back to them in one day. I knew she took her site down but it sounds like she's quitting the whole business? I hope you get it all figured out soon.

Sonia said...

I'm a big fan of your work, and I do web/graphic design. I think what your webmaster did was totally full of sh*t.

You should contact GoDaddy (by going to - which is the web host, and just buy the domain and the hosting service - explain what happened and they MIGHT even still have the web page files in their backup system. If you have copies of the HTML files (i.e. web pages) then you should have no problem getting back up and $atisfying your fans again.

PS: here is a link to the ownership record of
Looks like you better buy the domain before someone snatches it up. This site says you no longer own it since Jan. 9, 2011, and anyone can purchase it right now.

And when you find a new webmaster, REQUIRE them to give you copies of all hmtl files weekly or however often you update the site, so this never happens again.

Good luck, sexy!

Sonia said...

Or buy the domain asap, and I can make you a (for free) SIMPLE page with a short message saying you'll be back up soon, or whatever you wanna say to your members. They might be feeling jilted...

Synful Dame said...

@Shameless - I know she closed her site.... and from her last blog it really does sound like she's just walked about from everything.
I donno. I have to assume with someone that has been pretty upfront with me for nearly 4 years.
I sure hope everything works out.
Thank you for the feedback. =)

@Sonia - I am so happy you wrote this. I haven't the slightest idea on how to run a website. Which is why I needed a webmaster in the first place.
Do you have a email address? I'd love to talk to you about something.If you don't mind.

Oh, and someone told me that it was renewed on the 11th ??... ek!!
So, yeah.. I'd really like to ask you a few questions about what you've said.
Thank you SO much!!

& Faye, baby.. I love you and know what happened to you. I hate that it went down like that. But, I've been keeping my eye out for your new site. I know it'll be a billion times what the last one was!

Sonia said...

Hey grrrl,

My email is

Anonymous said...

Thank god your fat ass is offline!