Friday, October 22, 2010

Only about a month later...

Fuck! I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I really do enjoy writing here.
Any free time I have I've been on cam over on! That place is awesome!! I've been spending so much time there that I've been abandoning my blog, and to be honest my website.
I really need the money right now and am banking doing cam shows.It's that plain and simple.

On another note, I have been talking to some photographers and really want to get more pro photos on my website. I love shooting my own content,but it's really fucking hard and time consuming. I'm meeting one photographer next weekend and we're going to do some killer artistic nudes. Something a little different for me.. But, I do always enjoy doing simple, natural yet erotic photos.
I'm talking to another one about shooting some bondage material. I really want to do more bondage and go more extreme with it. tee hee ;)
There are plans in the works to do more girl on girl content as well.

I did take some time off cam last night and used my new camera to do a DIY Halloween shoot.
Now, my big ass Canon EOS is heavy and I have a cheap ass tripod at the moment that could barely hold up this camera.. So, with that going on, it was quite difficult to do this shoot.
However, when I get a stellar fucking idea like I thought this was. I wasn't gonna stop until I had some photos I could use. The whole set revolves around the very controversial Cradle of Filth
Vestal Masturbation shirt.

So, here is a preview of the photos I took.
(click image to make larger)


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