Friday, September 10, 2010

Hard drive crashed

As it stands right now my external hard drive, the one where I have ALL my content, is wiped out!
I don't know how it happened. One day all my shit is there and the next it's gone!
Completely. No history. Gone.

I know little to nothing about computers,but I have a "computer guy" and he has the drive as I type trying to recover the stuff.

That's almost 5 years of photos.

There is a positive here.. and that is that most all of my website content has already been uploaded onto my website.
I have been shooting the past 2 months with new photographers. Luckily, they have copies of all the photos. SO, they will see the light of day.

This sucks, but hey, it's not the end of the world. Like I said most all the stuff website wise go's is already on the site. So, I can get all of that back.
Now it just means I need to get to work and start stacking up content like I usually do.
I'm so ready for a nice long Fall season.Who's with me?


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