Tuesday, September 7, 2010

G.I. Dame

My website (www.SynfulDame.com) hasn't been updated in some time and for that I apologize. I've been super busy having a wonderful summer. I've been working on material for my site, but the late updates are due to both myself being crazy busy and my webmaster being that way also. Once this busy summer ends the updates should go back to being regularly which is once a week.

This weeks update is one I've been waiting to share with you all for some time..
I had such a great time shooting this set. It is packed with delightful belly and succulent tit shots.



BigGirlSketchBlog said...

you're such a bad ass! I wanna draw these!!

Synful Dame said...

Be my guest! I've been itching to see you draw something of mine.

Flying Dutchman said...

Love the set, more to see on the blog then the forum.