Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lover Boy

If you read my blog you SHOULD know I have a man.. whether I don't promote it here nor there mostly because IT'S NO ONES FUCKING BUSINESS!! However, if you read my blog you'd see a few post about my man (http://synfuldame.blogspot.com/2010/03/true-love.htm).
I love him SO much..at the same time.. I can talk to men..I'm a huge flirt.. But, I'd never go as far as cheating on him. He is the only one for me and I am the happiest I've ever been with a man.

Being that I am a model you men can think anything you want of me.. You can pretend that I'm the prefect fantasy girl all you want..But, when it comes down to it I'm going home with my finance. Also, because I am a model I don't give too much of my personal information out. Though, this blog is the closest thing most of you will get to knowing the real me.
I'm a real person and sometimes I have to protect my personal life and I dont do that to hurt anyone nor do I feel like its me telling lies.. It's just me keeping business separate from my personal life. Most all models do the same thing.
Don't get shit twisted..Don't read just the things you want and pretend you didn't see this or that wrote about my lover boy. Don't call me a liar if I chose not to tell you my personal information.
It you're interested in finding a date go to fucking a dating site.... not a porn site.. because even though I do what some would consider porn... I'm not a prostitute... and I will never fuck you.
I will also NEVER change for you, watch my mouth or do something that isn't me. I live life with no regrets.

Next blog coming with a Vegas trip recap with photos and all sorts of juicy shit talk.. Because y'all already know this is my blog and I don't hold back a fucking thing I feel/think.


Allan Lorde said...

I've always appreciated when adult models are upfront about whom they're involved with. Some of my favorites (Carrie of Carrieland.com and Gwen Dolan) are married and aren't swingers. The dudes that can't get it up anymore after finding out a model's marital status are the lamest form of life around.

Faye Daniels said...

AMEN to this!!!!
I personally love that you are happy and in love.

PS - I've never seen his picture, you're super cute together.


Synful Dame said...

@ Allen - hah right on and I agree..ya know, many of the men who are like that wouldnt stand a chance with these women in the first place.

@ Faye - hehheheh I have a few past blogs where it's just pictures of him because I love the kid so much. hah.
& thank you. Everyone says we are a perfect match of tattoos and chubbiness. hehehe