Friday, July 23, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 4

Day 4 -
It was finally FRIDAY!! Even though I wasn't attending tonights Monster Mash I was gonna get dressed up a little and walk around like I did the night before.
When D and I woke up we went on the hunt for a drink this lady had me try last night. She was so wasted and was like "wanna taste my drink?It taste like kool aid on crack!".. hahaahh I thought that was the funniest thing so I had to taste it. That and she called it a "Tarantula Margarita" and I dug the name too. hah.So, D and I went to every bar in the Tuscany asking everyone for this drink. None of them have a clue..haha. I didn't ask the lady where she got it but I assumed it was at the bash she was at.. haha. So, we got to the last bar and was like fuck it we'll take whatever..hahaha. Literally, we told the bartender, Bobby (such a cutie) to surprise us and give us something fruity.haha. We'll he made a pretty good something or another. Said there wasnt a name for it he made it up.. haha. He told us to name it but, we never did. haha.
After that drink we headed outside with a few more drinks. This time it was a classic Sex on the beach. How can you go wrong with that drink?!? It's yummy =)

So, we're sitting outside by the oh so lovely misters... I brought my camera so I'm just snapping random photos.. Like such.
People are coming up to us left and right just saying hello. There were a bunch of friendly people at the hotel for the bash that's for sure. Usually, you can tell the people that are there for the bash. haha USUALLY. hahah Then again you see some people with bash wristbands that look lost,but are there for the bash.. or at least had on the bands for it.hah. I'm sorry. I don't know what that is so funny to me.
Moving on..
We sit there downing Sex on the beaches until we're pretty drunk ..hahaha..We knew if we were going to get dolled up for the Monster Mash that we should stop drinking and maybe head up to our room for some down time.Once we got to the room we realized how shitty drunk we already were so we lied down to nap off some of our buzz.
Yeah, that is pretty boring I know but, we had hours to kill until having to get ready for Friday night in Las Vegas.

A few hours went by and D went down to the casino to play for a little while.I took a shower to get myself refreshed for the night. I knew what I was going to wear but I didn't feel like getting all glammed up. I mean, I wear makeup in my photo shoots but a lot of the time that's the only time I wear any. So, I decided I wasn't going to wear any that night.SHOCKER!! I know.. haha. But, I was serious. I didn't want to spend time putting makeup on and doing my hair up. So, I got out of the shower, blow dried my hair and that was it. D was very surprised to see that I was in fact not going to get all dolled up.. hahah. I got that way the night before for the Rockabilly thing.That was good enough for me.And I'm a perfectionist I knew it would take way too long to do what I wanted to do.. hehehhehe ;)
I squeezed into my new black corset, threw on some fishnets and toped it all off with my see thru spider babe gown.We headed upstairs where the Vampire ball was already in full effect.There was a few people that dressed the occasion, but not too many. Some ladies looked AMAZING in their vamptress wear... others just looked as if they just put on some lingerie..but,HEY that works too.. lol
My favorite couple of the night was of course MissFitts & her beau.

Though we couldn't go into the actual event upstairs there were a good bit of people just hanging outside of the door in the hallways and other areas upstairs. I seen the lovely BBW Persephone and even though I had no makeup on I just had to take a photo with her!
(damn cellphone in my hand >.< !! lol)
She's such a cool lady. xoxo
Well after mingling upstairs for a little while a security guard came up to us and only us it seemed..and asked if we had bracelets. I say it seems he only came up to us because that's where everyone seemed to be.. bracelet or not.We weren't the only ones without bash bracelets that were upstairs hanging out. But, what the fuck ever he asked if we had one and of course we didn't. He said if you don't have one you have to leave. I said "we cannot even stand here outside of the doors and talk to people we know? That's a bit ridiculous.". So, he gets all pissy and says " No, it's not ridiculous this is a private event." I said whatever and went down stairs. Seriously, do I look like a shit head or something? NO, I was decked out and having a good time with people that were happy to see that I even made it that far to see them ya know. D even seen plenty of people without bracelets hanging out all over the place upstairs and said something to the guy.He just ignored her. This shit always happens to me. And the year I went (08).. No one was at the doors .. I didn't even get my bracelet because when I went to get it no one was at the desk.. haha . I spent 08 all up in that bitch with no bracelet. Never had a single mother fucker ask me either.
Any way..
That irritated me and I didn't want to keep Persephone from her party. Oh, cause she went downstairs with D and I when that dude told us we had to leave.So, of course I didn't want to keep her from her first bash so I got her number and we would get up with each other soon.
D and I headed over to play a few machines in the casino. I sat at my favorite one..The Universal Monsters with all the Universal Monsters on it. It was so cool and I could kick myself in the ass for not taking a picture with it!! I totally took one of The Munsters one ,but this one was the total coolest!! It had Frankie, The Bride, Wolf man, Dracula,The creature from the black lagoon and more.
Here I found a photo of it online just so you guys get the idea of how neato it was.
I had to play that. So, I put a buck in and sat there playing it while D played another slot machine next to me.
It was still pretty early (about 1 am) but, I'm guessing from all the alcohol that I drank earlier I wasn't feeling so well. So, I told D I was going up to the room to lay down.Thats exactly what I did. While heading up to the room I seen the ladies that I partied with the night before with Jessika. They wanted me to go back to their room to hang out again but, sadly I had to refuse.
I really wanted too, but felt like total ASS!!! =(
Once I got up to the room I took off that tight ass corset in jumped in the bed butt ass naked.
hahah. I got some Dr.Pepper and my ass lied in the bed for the rest of the night feeling like shit.
That's what I get for getting totally shit faced at 4 in the afternoon.
Yeah, and that's how my Friday night ended. hahahha. WHooOOooo PARTY ANIMAL!! lol
It's okay though...Saturday night was still to come and that was the BEST night I had all week!!!!
That blog coming soon!!!


Persephone said...

Ahhh that douchebag security guard... Friday night was awsome... But I had no problem going downstairs with you cause the fuckin thing was lame! xoxo luvs ya!

Synful Dame said...

hahahahahahahhh I fucking love you!