Thursday, July 22, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 3

Day 3-
I must had slept til noon this day. I woke up and D was gone.hahah. I don't blame her. I wouldn't just be watching someone sleep my first time in Vegas. hah. So, when I finally got up I text a girl that lived in Vegas. She had been wanting to get up and shoot some photos. So, I thought this would be a perfect day to do that. I mean, I know I just got that monorail 3 day pass..but, seriously I wasn't really feeling walking down the hot ass strip again.. I wanted to take a chill day.
So, I got dressed and met Jessika Vegas( down by the pool. This girl is such a damn sweetheart..but I was soon going to find out she's got one hell of a kinky side. haha.
We talked a little while about what kind of photos she wanted me to take of her.Then we headed up to her hotel room to go through her wardrobe to pick things out for shoots and to get an idea of the type of shoots she wanted to do.Now, I knew she was into BDSM and I really want to steer my photography in the fetish direction.So, when she whipped out the flogger and riding crop I was down!! hahaha She smacked my ass lightly with that crop and it stung..hah.
Good stuff.

Any who, before heading over to my room we stopped outside for me to ... smoke my "special cigarette"..hahaha *wink* While doing that I snapped a few photos of her just being her cute self around the flowers and bushes.
This one was our favorite from that little session.

Afterwards, we headed up to my room to go through the things I had and see if she wanted to use any of it.I had that fishnet dress number that everyone loves and she was no exception.As soon as she seen it she wanted to wear it. And you know I love anyone in a hot fishnet dress so I was all about it. I pulled out my "stripper heels" and handed them to her. Her mouth dropped because they were so tall. She didn't think she'd be able to wear them. That and she had these cute little size 6 feet..and these shoes were a 9. But, like I said they were stripper heels and really anyone can wear them but they may not be able to walk in them. hahhaha
She got them on and they fit perfectly! While going through set ideas we decided that we'd do her tied up with duct tape. Wrist,ankles and over her mouth. hehehehe. We get her in position and her hands turn purple almost instantly..meanwhile shes giggling..hahahah. I'm asking her "are you okay?" and shes steady just laughing.It was too funny and cute. Here I have this women tied up on my hotel couch in nothing but a fishnet dress and some hooker heels..hahaha. We joked about someone coming in and seeing it.
I begin doing my thing and about an hour later we were done. We had some awesome fucking pictures and had a great time doing it. The interesting part was getting the tape off because we didnt have scissors or a knife. hah. It took some work but we finally got all of the tape off of her.
Here is an exclusive sneak peek at that photo set ( all photos coming soon to )

So, after all the tape as off we began to get ready for the Rockabilly night. Though neither one of us had bash tickets.We thought we'd dress up super cute and Rockabilly and walk around having a good time. We literally had to stuff her into her dress. haha I wish we had took a video of it because it was a trip. Here I was safety pining the back of her dress closed. I had 2 under the zipper and a few going through the dress and her bra so it wouldnt come down. As soon as it was all said and done. She looked so cute and I could have sworn that dress was going to pop at any minute. But, that thing was a trooper and stayed the whole night..hahah Through us sitting and walking..getting up and down..hahah. It stayed and looked great!! * high 5*
Check us out!
This picture was a wardrobe didn't have a mirror and I asked her "is this dress straight?" so she took a picture to show me. What a gal pal!! xoxo

So, we went downstairs looking oh so fine and sat at a table by the pool. People were coming up to us left and right telling us how cute we looked.I was flattered and giggled and probably turned red like I always do. hah. I met Goddess Patty from Jackass 2!!! So cool!! Such a gorgeous lady! I didn't know that's who I was meeting until we headed up to this hotel party and this chick was saying something about a dude asking her if she was the girl from Jackass 2.Well, she was all like "I told him nah, that wasn't me. It was Patty". And I said "whaattt, you mean to tell me I just met the lady from Jackass and didn't even know it!!?"..hahaha. Everyone just laughed at me.. I thought it was too cool though. I totally love Jackass.The girls from that room party were AWESOME!! Such fucking chill and cool ladies. I loved them!!
Well they still needed to get dressed for the Rockabilly party so we left them to do so.
We headed back downstairs and went looking for the DJ Jessika knows. She kept saying "I'm looking for Chris aka @BigDaddyVegas1 (Big Daddy Productions). I didn't know the dude but I was just following her.. haha. So, we finally run into him and she tells him that shes been looking for him for 2 days. He didn't believe her so I said "wait, is your name Chris or the dude from Big Daddy Production?? Cause if so then yeah, she's been looking for you all night I know at least."..hahaha Well it's him. hahaha.
We sat and talked with him for a good while.He was the DJ for most all of the party's at the Bash.He was a really cool dude and a sweetheart..A BIG guy too!! hahaha. We finished up our conversation, gave hugs and said goodbye to him.

After that Jessika treated me to a late dinner at the hotels 24 hour restaurant.
I heard horrible things about this place but my turkey club was pretty good. Then again, how can you really fuck up a turkey club? haha.
It was nice to just sit and talk. I also enjoy a good conversation. And she has a great sense of humor that always helps when just meeting someone and spending the whole day with them.
This was the first time we had really spent that much time with each other and I felt like I could totally spend more time with her and not get annoyed. hahaha. That sounds bad.. but, some people you spend too much time with and they just start getting on your nerves. It's natural.
I think anyways.

Well, that pretty much wraps up that day. We walked to our buildings(which happened to be right next to each other), said our goodbyes, gave hugs and went up to our rooms to crash.
I was beat! I didn't drink that night due to me getting super shitty the night before. hahaha. But, honestly I don't need booze to have a great time. That night proved it.
So, I want to give a big THANK YOU to Miss Jessika Vegas for the awesome night, great laughs and introducing me to some killer people. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


Jessika_Vegas said...

My pleasure Synful!! I had a great time as well.

Synful Dame said...

awww shucks! xoxo

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