Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 2

Day 2-
We woke up pretty early being that we went to bed so early. hah.
It was about 9am when D and I both got up to shower and get ready for our first official day in Las Vegas.We sat around after getting ready deciding on what to do.
In the hotel they have books on Vegas and things to do. We knew we didn't want to take cabs everywhere but we wanted to go to the strip.So we decided we'd walk up to Bally's hotel and casino and catch the monorail.It was only about a 5 mins walk and it was fairly cheap. It didn't go all the way to one side and the other of the strip but, we thought we could walk a little and not die.
So that was the plan. We mapped out a little day and would be on our way after getting some lunch.The hotel we were staying at had a Mexican restaurant and that is our favorite kind of food. We got the best food and the most yummy berry berry Margarita.

After lunch we went upstairs to see about getting a one day pass for Friday so we could attend the Monster Mash.Well we got up there and they told us that JUST for Friday it would be $175 bucks!!! Seriuosly?? A weekend pass was only $199.00 and that was for the full weekend.
So, I said something about the website saying add a day to your pass for $40.00.. so I assumed that since we could now get just day events that it'd be 40 bucks.. NOPE! Boy was I wrong. haha.
We said thank you and goodbye. hah. I wasn't about to pay that much for one night at the bash. I went in 08 bought the full week pass and only spent an hour at the event.Nothing against the bash or anything but I just wasnt going to pay that much.I was staying at the hotel that the bash was being held just for the fact it was being held there.I knew that I'd see all the people that were coming that I wanted to see just by walking around and such.

After that we headed down the street to Bally's.While walking we seen machines on the sidewalk filled with porn magazines and coupons. ALL FREE!! It was great and unlike anything I'd seen before. I said "only in Vegas". D stopped and got handfuls hahah They were on every street corner.They had White,Black, Asian,gay and lesbian.. whatever your cup of tea was there was something for you. hahah.
By the time we hit Bally's I was thankful. It was 110 outside and I hate being hot. haha.
We get to the monorail and bought a 3 day all day pass for like 20 bucks.
The first place on our stop was the MGM Grand.We walked around for a good half an hour just looking at things.They had this really cool interactive fish floor thing.
(picture does it NO justice all I had was a shitty cell phone to snap a picture with!!)

Then we sat down in the casino and D played a slot machine for a few.
The little waiter girl came up and offered us a drink. We just had a water and it smelled like they sprayed some sort of perfume or something all over the bottle..haha. It smelled purdy. hah.
After that we headed to the door because we wanted to go over to Excalibur.It was across the street and up the road.It looks so close until you have to walk it..haha.But,we got there and it was awesome!! The decor is so cool.As soon as we walked in we seen an oxygen bar that I thought was the coolest thing.It was the first time I had seen one to be honest.haha.I didn't do it though.We went walking around checking things out in the hotel and casino.I seen a blackjack machine and to kill some time I played it. I spent 3 bucks and was up 7 but lost it all before I knew it.hahah. BOO!!
Then we got up headed back towards the exit.Out of nowhere I see THE MUNSTERS game! I just had to play it and kid you not I won on it!!! Spent a buck and won 10!! hehehe
Winning that little bit of cash made me want a drink. haha. So, on the way out the door we stopped at the front bar and got a strawberry daiquiri but while we were waiting in line these 2 guys came up and wanted us to do the picture thing with them.It was 2 buff,tan dudes with tights on and a vest(looking I guess mid-evil ish to go alone with the theme of the hotel) that had a little set up and a lady that looked like their mom snapping pictures. It was too funny. They wanted us to pop our asses out and have them behind us for a naughty photo. hahahah. D bought a copy and when she uploads it I'll post it. haha. Oh man, I was soo embarrassed to be doing that with everyone watching.haha. Now, I really needed that drink.hahaha. I got it and it was deeeeeeeelicious. mmmmm.

Now, we head over to New york New york!! A place I had been wanting to see from back in 08. I've never been to NYC but I heard this hotel was decked out just like different parts of the city.Not to mention it looked so fucking cool from the outside.It had a roller coaster and everything in it!!hah. We're walking around drinking our daiquiri and checking out all the cool stuff. I'm thinking this is my favorite place so far.We walked all around this place checking out the different parts of New York. It's just like it sounded. Every part had a different look to it but it was all parts of New York.I seen my favorite pretzel shop so had to stop in and get some pretzel sticks.heheh
On our way out we seen this huge status of liberty made out of jellybeans!! It was so awesome. My slack ass didn't take my camera on this adventure out because I thought it's just the 2nd day I'll have plenty other times to snap them.D took hers and like I said.. Once she gets them to me I'll post them.

All the walking we had done had us pooped so we took a cab back to the hotel. It wasnt that high though I thought he did take the long way...but,it sure bet having to walk all the way back to the MGM.Then walking back to the hotel from Bally's. hahaha..We got back to the hotel and relaxed a bit in our room.Later that night there was a pool party for the bash. But, seeing how we couldnt get in because we didnt buy passes we thought we'd just sit at the table around the pool. haha. Thats exactly what we did. While sitting there my dreams finally came true when MISSFITTS walked up to me and said "finally, here you are. we've been walking around for 2 days looking for you". yay!! Funny thing was I had been doing the same thing. I was so happy to meet her.She sat down with us and we immediately hit it off and began talking.A few hours and drinks later we were still chatting it up. Zik (owner of BODacious magazine) came up to us and gave us all big hugs and wanted to check out our tattoos.He loves tattoos and is so passionate about everything!! hah He's a trip.
Here is a camera phone picture he snapped of Missfitts and I.

(I look a hot mess and blame the pina

It was pretty late after that so she and I chatted a little more then she headed up to her room to tuck in.I had a few more drinks and did the same thing.
And that pretty much sums up that night. It was about 3am when I got to my room so super drunk..hahah. Zik asked me to attend his speech at 11am but I didn't think I'd be making it with how much I just drank. I could kick myself in the ass for missing it too!! But, hell.. I was in Vegas, I don't usually drink that much anymore and I was just so stoked to meet

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