Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 1

Day 1 -
Once we arrived and got our bags it was straight to the shuttle then the hotel. That went really smooth being that we're in Las Vegas.Our driver was a witty gal and it was really a nice way to begin our trip.
We get to the hotel which we booked about 3 months in advance. It's about noon when we arrived to check in. Here is where the bullshit begins (yes, already). We get to the front desk to check in. They tell us that we cannot check in until 3pm unless we'd like to pay a 13 dollar early check in fee.
Yeah, really. A fucking early check in fee?? And I know it's only 13 bucks but, it's an insane fee to begin with seeing how check out time is 11am. Now, I know they have to have time to clean the room.. But, how would me paying a fee help the room get cleaned faster?
NO. Next!!

Okay, whatever. So, luckily we seen T Devil and his lovely wife and they said we can hang out in their room for the like 2 hours. Because I'm sorry, but I'm not starting out my trip paying for ridiculous things.
After that I was a bit upset.I thought "great here we go with all the hidden fees".
But, seeing how this was just the beginning I brushed it off and went up to their room.
We all made plans to go to the ever so yummy Bellagio buffet for lunch. We decided we'd wait for our room to be ready then head over. So, 3ish comes around and we head back downstairs to try and check in again. So, now they tell us that there is a 100 dollar security deposit that must be paid.REALLY!?! No one said shit to me the 3 times I called them before this trip. Why did I call so many times? Because of shit like this. I wanted to verify over and over and over that we were all set and there wasn't anything that would surprise us once we arrived.
So, they say it's $100 on a credit card or you could pay $200 in cash and you'll get it back when you check out. UGH!! D and I weren't expecting to pay that.. so neither one of us really had the money to just let sit there while we're in Vegas, ya know. Luckily someone who noticed me was kind enough to put the $100 bucks on his card. Thank you thank you!! I was getting pissed and I think he could tell.. hahaha.

So, we finally get our room and I am needing a drink! lol
Especially, when we get to the room and the keys are giving us a hard time.Seriously, Tuscany?? YOU SUCK!! A few more key tries and a hip on the door when it turns green light (lol) later. We finally get into the room and put our bags down. After relaxing for a moment we got back up with T Devil and others to head over to the Bellagio.A bunch of us (BBWGwen,Olivia, Don Carlos & more) ate there in 08 when we came for the bash.Not everyone was here this year but T and his wife were (I know her name I just don't want to give it out to the whole world ) so I was really happy to have them there.
We were in and sitting down in no time. I say no time because to stand in a line for 15 mins in Vegas is nothing.. Last time we stood there for like an hour or more. hah. But, that's Vegas for you. Well while waiting my still a little frustrated ass decided I'll go take a shot while we wait.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah... I paid 16 dollars for a jager bomb. I know I know.. It's insane of me to have done that... but, hey.. it was enough for me to say fuck paying that much for drinks all week and go to the liquor store.. hah.
We ate and chatted it up. It was really nice. I wish Gwen had been there but, we cannot have our way all the time haha.

Once we left lunch we went straight to the liquor store.hahah. I wanted to get things to make the yummy lemonade we had in 08. nom nom. It's lemon vodka and lemonade..haha SHOCKER right. hah. Any who, we get drinks, go back to the hotel and we all went up to our own rooms.
D and I were stuffed from the buffet and beat from the 6am flight. So, for a few hours we just lay down and discussed what we're going to do all week.
We didn't buy bash tickets because reading the website it said you could just by single DAY passes and we really only wanted to do Friday nights Vampire ball/Monster mash.
So, we thought we'd have a few drinks tonight and in the morning we'd go up to registration.
We sat at our little table in the hotel room and commenced to getting hammered. hahaha
And that was our first night in Vegas.. haha . We got shitty drunk and pasted out before 11pm. hahahah. The end.

Photos from the plane.
(click images to make larger)
It was D's first time flying & most all she did was either sleep or take pictures. lol
Flying makes me a nervous wreck.. we hit turbulence,she laughs and I squeeze her arm. hahah I've flown more times than I can count and it never gets easy with me.Now, I'm not saying I flip the fuck out.. but, I will sit like this and just bite my hah
UN EDITED (I'm that good. hehehehh)

Day 2 coming soon.


Black Spiral said...

Synful, you look awesome, as usual!

Synful Dame said...

awww thank you dear...i got up @3am so that's kind of you to say.. hah