Saturday, July 31, 2010

Live on cam!

I am on ImLive usually evenings from 10pm est - 4am est. Come say hello.
Tonight I'll be live playing with my new toy.*giggles*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New update - Simple Curves

I know I'm a little behind on the last day of my Vegas blog. The reason being I have a fuck ton of photos of that night that I need to resize for the blog. That and I'd really love to get the video (wink wink) but it seems they're having trouble getting them to me.So, I want to wait a little longer.. Just until the end of the week and if nothing gets worked out I'll just post it anyways with all the awesome pictures.

SO, keeping the blog alive with my website updates. Here is a new one that just went up. Features D. Von Rotten and myself in a simple yet elegant setting with the photos being in black and white.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Only in the country....

Only in the country would you see some cows loose in the middle of the road..hahahha.
& You know my silly ass had to take a picture.. and I did it quickly so they would charge at my ass.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 4

Day 4 -
It was finally FRIDAY!! Even though I wasn't attending tonights Monster Mash I was gonna get dressed up a little and walk around like I did the night before.
When D and I woke up we went on the hunt for a drink this lady had me try last night. She was so wasted and was like "wanna taste my drink?It taste like kool aid on crack!".. hahaahh I thought that was the funniest thing so I had to taste it. That and she called it a "Tarantula Margarita" and I dug the name too. hah.So, D and I went to every bar in the Tuscany asking everyone for this drink. None of them have a clue..haha. I didn't ask the lady where she got it but I assumed it was at the bash she was at.. haha. So, we got to the last bar and was like fuck it we'll take whatever..hahaha. Literally, we told the bartender, Bobby (such a cutie) to surprise us and give us something fruity.haha. We'll he made a pretty good something or another. Said there wasnt a name for it he made it up.. haha. He told us to name it but, we never did. haha.
After that drink we headed outside with a few more drinks. This time it was a classic Sex on the beach. How can you go wrong with that drink?!? It's yummy =)

So, we're sitting outside by the oh so lovely misters... I brought my camera so I'm just snapping random photos.. Like such.
People are coming up to us left and right just saying hello. There were a bunch of friendly people at the hotel for the bash that's for sure. Usually, you can tell the people that are there for the bash. haha USUALLY. hahah Then again you see some people with bash wristbands that look lost,but are there for the bash.. or at least had on the bands for it.hah. I'm sorry. I don't know what that is so funny to me.
Moving on..
We sit there downing Sex on the beaches until we're pretty drunk ..hahaha..We knew if we were going to get dolled up for the Monster Mash that we should stop drinking and maybe head up to our room for some down time.Once we got to the room we realized how shitty drunk we already were so we lied down to nap off some of our buzz.
Yeah, that is pretty boring I know but, we had hours to kill until having to get ready for Friday night in Las Vegas.

A few hours went by and D went down to the casino to play for a little while.I took a shower to get myself refreshed for the night. I knew what I was going to wear but I didn't feel like getting all glammed up. I mean, I wear makeup in my photo shoots but a lot of the time that's the only time I wear any. So, I decided I wasn't going to wear any that night.SHOCKER!! I know.. haha. But, I was serious. I didn't want to spend time putting makeup on and doing my hair up. So, I got out of the shower, blow dried my hair and that was it. D was very surprised to see that I was in fact not going to get all dolled up.. hahah. I got that way the night before for the Rockabilly thing.That was good enough for me.And I'm a perfectionist I knew it would take way too long to do what I wanted to do.. hehehhehe ;)
I squeezed into my new black corset, threw on some fishnets and toped it all off with my see thru spider babe gown.We headed upstairs where the Vampire ball was already in full effect.There was a few people that dressed the occasion, but not too many. Some ladies looked AMAZING in their vamptress wear... others just looked as if they just put on some lingerie..but,HEY that works too.. lol
My favorite couple of the night was of course MissFitts & her beau.

Though we couldn't go into the actual event upstairs there were a good bit of people just hanging outside of the door in the hallways and other areas upstairs. I seen the lovely BBW Persephone and even though I had no makeup on I just had to take a photo with her!
(damn cellphone in my hand >.< !! lol)
She's such a cool lady. xoxo
Well after mingling upstairs for a little while a security guard came up to us and only us it seemed..and asked if we had bracelets. I say it seems he only came up to us because that's where everyone seemed to be.. bracelet or not.We weren't the only ones without bash bracelets that were upstairs hanging out. But, what the fuck ever he asked if we had one and of course we didn't. He said if you don't have one you have to leave. I said "we cannot even stand here outside of the doors and talk to people we know? That's a bit ridiculous.". So, he gets all pissy and says " No, it's not ridiculous this is a private event." I said whatever and went down stairs. Seriously, do I look like a shit head or something? NO, I was decked out and having a good time with people that were happy to see that I even made it that far to see them ya know. D even seen plenty of people without bracelets hanging out all over the place upstairs and said something to the guy.He just ignored her. This shit always happens to me. And the year I went (08).. No one was at the doors .. I didn't even get my bracelet because when I went to get it no one was at the desk.. haha . I spent 08 all up in that bitch with no bracelet. Never had a single mother fucker ask me either.
Any way..
That irritated me and I didn't want to keep Persephone from her party. Oh, cause she went downstairs with D and I when that dude told us we had to leave.So, of course I didn't want to keep her from her first bash so I got her number and we would get up with each other soon.
D and I headed over to play a few machines in the casino. I sat at my favorite one..The Universal Monsters with all the Universal Monsters on it. It was so cool and I could kick myself in the ass for not taking a picture with it!! I totally took one of The Munsters one ,but this one was the total coolest!! It had Frankie, The Bride, Wolf man, Dracula,The creature from the black lagoon and more.
Here I found a photo of it online just so you guys get the idea of how neato it was.
I had to play that. So, I put a buck in and sat there playing it while D played another slot machine next to me.
It was still pretty early (about 1 am) but, I'm guessing from all the alcohol that I drank earlier I wasn't feeling so well. So, I told D I was going up to the room to lay down.Thats exactly what I did. While heading up to the room I seen the ladies that I partied with the night before with Jessika. They wanted me to go back to their room to hang out again but, sadly I had to refuse.
I really wanted too, but felt like total ASS!!! =(
Once I got up to the room I took off that tight ass corset in jumped in the bed butt ass naked.
hahah. I got some Dr.Pepper and my ass lied in the bed for the rest of the night feeling like shit.
That's what I get for getting totally shit faced at 4 in the afternoon.
Yeah, and that's how my Friday night ended. hahahha. WHooOOooo PARTY ANIMAL!! lol
It's okay though...Saturday night was still to come and that was the BEST night I had all week!!!!
That blog coming soon!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 3

Day 3-
I must had slept til noon this day. I woke up and D was gone.hahah. I don't blame her. I wouldn't just be watching someone sleep my first time in Vegas. hah. So, when I finally got up I text a girl that lived in Vegas. She had been wanting to get up and shoot some photos. So, I thought this would be a perfect day to do that. I mean, I know I just got that monorail 3 day pass..but, seriously I wasn't really feeling walking down the hot ass strip again.. I wanted to take a chill day.
So, I got dressed and met Jessika Vegas( down by the pool. This girl is such a damn sweetheart..but I was soon going to find out she's got one hell of a kinky side. haha.
We talked a little while about what kind of photos she wanted me to take of her.Then we headed up to her hotel room to go through her wardrobe to pick things out for shoots and to get an idea of the type of shoots she wanted to do.Now, I knew she was into BDSM and I really want to steer my photography in the fetish direction.So, when she whipped out the flogger and riding crop I was down!! hahaha She smacked my ass lightly with that crop and it stung..hah.
Good stuff.

Any who, before heading over to my room we stopped outside for me to ... smoke my "special cigarette"..hahaha *wink* While doing that I snapped a few photos of her just being her cute self around the flowers and bushes.
This one was our favorite from that little session.

Afterwards, we headed up to my room to go through the things I had and see if she wanted to use any of it.I had that fishnet dress number that everyone loves and she was no exception.As soon as she seen it she wanted to wear it. And you know I love anyone in a hot fishnet dress so I was all about it. I pulled out my "stripper heels" and handed them to her. Her mouth dropped because they were so tall. She didn't think she'd be able to wear them. That and she had these cute little size 6 feet..and these shoes were a 9. But, like I said they were stripper heels and really anyone can wear them but they may not be able to walk in them. hahhaha
She got them on and they fit perfectly! While going through set ideas we decided that we'd do her tied up with duct tape. Wrist,ankles and over her mouth. hehehehe. We get her in position and her hands turn purple almost instantly..meanwhile shes giggling..hahahah. I'm asking her "are you okay?" and shes steady just laughing.It was too funny and cute. Here I have this women tied up on my hotel couch in nothing but a fishnet dress and some hooker heels..hahaha. We joked about someone coming in and seeing it.
I begin doing my thing and about an hour later we were done. We had some awesome fucking pictures and had a great time doing it. The interesting part was getting the tape off because we didnt have scissors or a knife. hah. It took some work but we finally got all of the tape off of her.
Here is an exclusive sneak peek at that photo set ( all photos coming soon to )

So, after all the tape as off we began to get ready for the Rockabilly night. Though neither one of us had bash tickets.We thought we'd dress up super cute and Rockabilly and walk around having a good time. We literally had to stuff her into her dress. haha I wish we had took a video of it because it was a trip. Here I was safety pining the back of her dress closed. I had 2 under the zipper and a few going through the dress and her bra so it wouldnt come down. As soon as it was all said and done. She looked so cute and I could have sworn that dress was going to pop at any minute. But, that thing was a trooper and stayed the whole night..hahah Through us sitting and walking..getting up and down..hahah. It stayed and looked great!! * high 5*
Check us out!
This picture was a wardrobe didn't have a mirror and I asked her "is this dress straight?" so she took a picture to show me. What a gal pal!! xoxo

So, we went downstairs looking oh so fine and sat at a table by the pool. People were coming up to us left and right telling us how cute we looked.I was flattered and giggled and probably turned red like I always do. hah. I met Goddess Patty from Jackass 2!!! So cool!! Such a gorgeous lady! I didn't know that's who I was meeting until we headed up to this hotel party and this chick was saying something about a dude asking her if she was the girl from Jackass 2.Well, she was all like "I told him nah, that wasn't me. It was Patty". And I said "whaattt, you mean to tell me I just met the lady from Jackass and didn't even know it!!?"..hahaha. Everyone just laughed at me.. I thought it was too cool though. I totally love Jackass.The girls from that room party were AWESOME!! Such fucking chill and cool ladies. I loved them!!
Well they still needed to get dressed for the Rockabilly party so we left them to do so.
We headed back downstairs and went looking for the DJ Jessika knows. She kept saying "I'm looking for Chris aka @BigDaddyVegas1 (Big Daddy Productions). I didn't know the dude but I was just following her.. haha. So, we finally run into him and she tells him that shes been looking for him for 2 days. He didn't believe her so I said "wait, is your name Chris or the dude from Big Daddy Production?? Cause if so then yeah, she's been looking for you all night I know at least."..hahaha Well it's him. hahaha.
We sat and talked with him for a good while.He was the DJ for most all of the party's at the Bash.He was a really cool dude and a sweetheart..A BIG guy too!! hahaha. We finished up our conversation, gave hugs and said goodbye to him.

After that Jessika treated me to a late dinner at the hotels 24 hour restaurant.
I heard horrible things about this place but my turkey club was pretty good. Then again, how can you really fuck up a turkey club? haha.
It was nice to just sit and talk. I also enjoy a good conversation. And she has a great sense of humor that always helps when just meeting someone and spending the whole day with them.
This was the first time we had really spent that much time with each other and I felt like I could totally spend more time with her and not get annoyed. hahaha. That sounds bad.. but, some people you spend too much time with and they just start getting on your nerves. It's natural.
I think anyways.

Well, that pretty much wraps up that day. We walked to our buildings(which happened to be right next to each other), said our goodbyes, gave hugs and went up to our rooms to crash.
I was beat! I didn't drink that night due to me getting super shitty the night before. hahaha. But, honestly I don't need booze to have a great time. That night proved it.
So, I want to give a big THANK YOU to Miss Jessika Vegas for the awesome night, great laughs and introducing me to some killer people. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Las Vegas - Day 2

Day 2-
We woke up pretty early being that we went to bed so early. hah.
It was about 9am when D and I both got up to shower and get ready for our first official day in Las Vegas.We sat around after getting ready deciding on what to do.
In the hotel they have books on Vegas and things to do. We knew we didn't want to take cabs everywhere but we wanted to go to the strip.So we decided we'd walk up to Bally's hotel and casino and catch the monorail.It was only about a 5 mins walk and it was fairly cheap. It didn't go all the way to one side and the other of the strip but, we thought we could walk a little and not die.
So that was the plan. We mapped out a little day and would be on our way after getting some lunch.The hotel we were staying at had a Mexican restaurant and that is our favorite kind of food. We got the best food and the most yummy berry berry Margarita.

After lunch we went upstairs to see about getting a one day pass for Friday so we could attend the Monster Mash.Well we got up there and they told us that JUST for Friday it would be $175 bucks!!! Seriuosly?? A weekend pass was only $199.00 and that was for the full weekend.
So, I said something about the website saying add a day to your pass for $40.00.. so I assumed that since we could now get just day events that it'd be 40 bucks.. NOPE! Boy was I wrong. haha.
We said thank you and goodbye. hah. I wasn't about to pay that much for one night at the bash. I went in 08 bought the full week pass and only spent an hour at the event.Nothing against the bash or anything but I just wasnt going to pay that much.I was staying at the hotel that the bash was being held just for the fact it was being held there.I knew that I'd see all the people that were coming that I wanted to see just by walking around and such.

After that we headed down the street to Bally's.While walking we seen machines on the sidewalk filled with porn magazines and coupons. ALL FREE!! It was great and unlike anything I'd seen before. I said "only in Vegas". D stopped and got handfuls hahah They were on every street corner.They had White,Black, Asian,gay and lesbian.. whatever your cup of tea was there was something for you. hahah.
By the time we hit Bally's I was thankful. It was 110 outside and I hate being hot. haha.
We get to the monorail and bought a 3 day all day pass for like 20 bucks.
The first place on our stop was the MGM Grand.We walked around for a good half an hour just looking at things.They had this really cool interactive fish floor thing.
(picture does it NO justice all I had was a shitty cell phone to snap a picture with!!)

Then we sat down in the casino and D played a slot machine for a few.
The little waiter girl came up and offered us a drink. We just had a water and it smelled like they sprayed some sort of perfume or something all over the bottle..haha. It smelled purdy. hah.
After that we headed to the door because we wanted to go over to Excalibur.It was across the street and up the road.It looks so close until you have to walk it..haha.But,we got there and it was awesome!! The decor is so cool.As soon as we walked in we seen an oxygen bar that I thought was the coolest thing.It was the first time I had seen one to be honest.haha.I didn't do it though.We went walking around checking things out in the hotel and casino.I seen a blackjack machine and to kill some time I played it. I spent 3 bucks and was up 7 but lost it all before I knew it.hahah. BOO!!
Then we got up headed back towards the exit.Out of nowhere I see THE MUNSTERS game! I just had to play it and kid you not I won on it!!! Spent a buck and won 10!! hehehe
Winning that little bit of cash made me want a drink. haha. So, on the way out the door we stopped at the front bar and got a strawberry daiquiri but while we were waiting in line these 2 guys came up and wanted us to do the picture thing with them.It was 2 buff,tan dudes with tights on and a vest(looking I guess mid-evil ish to go alone with the theme of the hotel) that had a little set up and a lady that looked like their mom snapping pictures. It was too funny. They wanted us to pop our asses out and have them behind us for a naughty photo. hahahah. D bought a copy and when she uploads it I'll post it. haha. Oh man, I was soo embarrassed to be doing that with everyone watching.haha. Now, I really needed that drink.hahaha. I got it and it was deeeeeeeelicious. mmmmm.

Now, we head over to New york New york!! A place I had been wanting to see from back in 08. I've never been to NYC but I heard this hotel was decked out just like different parts of the city.Not to mention it looked so fucking cool from the outside.It had a roller coaster and everything in it!!hah. We're walking around drinking our daiquiri and checking out all the cool stuff. I'm thinking this is my favorite place so far.We walked all around this place checking out the different parts of New York. It's just like it sounded. Every part had a different look to it but it was all parts of New York.I seen my favorite pretzel shop so had to stop in and get some pretzel sticks.heheh
On our way out we seen this huge status of liberty made out of jellybeans!! It was so awesome. My slack ass didn't take my camera on this adventure out because I thought it's just the 2nd day I'll have plenty other times to snap them.D took hers and like I said.. Once she gets them to me I'll post them.

All the walking we had done had us pooped so we took a cab back to the hotel. It wasnt that high though I thought he did take the long way...but,it sure bet having to walk all the way back to the MGM.Then walking back to the hotel from Bally's. hahaha..We got back to the hotel and relaxed a bit in our room.Later that night there was a pool party for the bash. But, seeing how we couldnt get in because we didnt buy passes we thought we'd just sit at the table around the pool. haha. Thats exactly what we did. While sitting there my dreams finally came true when MISSFITTS walked up to me and said "finally, here you are. we've been walking around for 2 days looking for you". yay!! Funny thing was I had been doing the same thing. I was so happy to meet her.She sat down with us and we immediately hit it off and began talking.A few hours and drinks later we were still chatting it up. Zik (owner of BODacious magazine) came up to us and gave us all big hugs and wanted to check out our tattoos.He loves tattoos and is so passionate about everything!! hah He's a trip.
Here is a camera phone picture he snapped of Missfitts and I.

(I look a hot mess and blame the pina

It was pretty late after that so she and I chatted a little more then she headed up to her room to tuck in.I had a few more drinks and did the same thing.
And that pretty much sums up that night. It was about 3am when I got to my room so super drunk..hahah. Zik asked me to attend his speech at 11am but I didn't think I'd be making it with how much I just drank. I could kick myself in the ass for missing it too!! But, hell.. I was in Vegas, I don't usually drink that much anymore and I was just so stoked to meet

Las Vegas - Day 1

Day 1 -
Once we arrived and got our bags it was straight to the shuttle then the hotel. That went really smooth being that we're in Las Vegas.Our driver was a witty gal and it was really a nice way to begin our trip.
We get to the hotel which we booked about 3 months in advance. It's about noon when we arrived to check in. Here is where the bullshit begins (yes, already). We get to the front desk to check in. They tell us that we cannot check in until 3pm unless we'd like to pay a 13 dollar early check in fee.
Yeah, really. A fucking early check in fee?? And I know it's only 13 bucks but, it's an insane fee to begin with seeing how check out time is 11am. Now, I know they have to have time to clean the room.. But, how would me paying a fee help the room get cleaned faster?
NO. Next!!

Okay, whatever. So, luckily we seen T Devil and his lovely wife and they said we can hang out in their room for the like 2 hours. Because I'm sorry, but I'm not starting out my trip paying for ridiculous things.
After that I was a bit upset.I thought "great here we go with all the hidden fees".
But, seeing how this was just the beginning I brushed it off and went up to their room.
We all made plans to go to the ever so yummy Bellagio buffet for lunch. We decided we'd wait for our room to be ready then head over. So, 3ish comes around and we head back downstairs to try and check in again. So, now they tell us that there is a 100 dollar security deposit that must be paid.REALLY!?! No one said shit to me the 3 times I called them before this trip. Why did I call so many times? Because of shit like this. I wanted to verify over and over and over that we were all set and there wasn't anything that would surprise us once we arrived.
So, they say it's $100 on a credit card or you could pay $200 in cash and you'll get it back when you check out. UGH!! D and I weren't expecting to pay that.. so neither one of us really had the money to just let sit there while we're in Vegas, ya know. Luckily someone who noticed me was kind enough to put the $100 bucks on his card. Thank you thank you!! I was getting pissed and I think he could tell.. hahaha.

So, we finally get our room and I am needing a drink! lol
Especially, when we get to the room and the keys are giving us a hard time.Seriously, Tuscany?? YOU SUCK!! A few more key tries and a hip on the door when it turns green light (lol) later. We finally get into the room and put our bags down. After relaxing for a moment we got back up with T Devil and others to head over to the Bellagio.A bunch of us (BBWGwen,Olivia, Don Carlos & more) ate there in 08 when we came for the bash.Not everyone was here this year but T and his wife were (I know her name I just don't want to give it out to the whole world ) so I was really happy to have them there.
We were in and sitting down in no time. I say no time because to stand in a line for 15 mins in Vegas is nothing.. Last time we stood there for like an hour or more. hah. But, that's Vegas for you. Well while waiting my still a little frustrated ass decided I'll go take a shot while we wait.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah... I paid 16 dollars for a jager bomb. I know I know.. It's insane of me to have done that... but, hey.. it was enough for me to say fuck paying that much for drinks all week and go to the liquor store.. hah.
We ate and chatted it up. It was really nice. I wish Gwen had been there but, we cannot have our way all the time haha.

Once we left lunch we went straight to the liquor store.hahah. I wanted to get things to make the yummy lemonade we had in 08. nom nom. It's lemon vodka and lemonade..haha SHOCKER right. hah. Any who, we get drinks, go back to the hotel and we all went up to our own rooms.
D and I were stuffed from the buffet and beat from the 6am flight. So, for a few hours we just lay down and discussed what we're going to do all week.
We didn't buy bash tickets because reading the website it said you could just by single DAY passes and we really only wanted to do Friday nights Vampire ball/Monster mash.
So, we thought we'd have a few drinks tonight and in the morning we'd go up to registration.
We sat at our little table in the hotel room and commenced to getting hammered. hahaha
And that was our first night in Vegas.. haha . We got shitty drunk and pasted out before 11pm. hahahah. The end.

Photos from the plane.
(click images to make larger)
It was D's first time flying & most all she did was either sleep or take pictures. lol
Flying makes me a nervous wreck.. we hit turbulence,she laughs and I squeeze her arm. hahah I've flown more times than I can count and it never gets easy with me.Now, I'm not saying I flip the fuck out.. but, I will sit like this and just bite my hah
UN EDITED (I'm that good. hehehehh)

Day 2 coming soon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I feel I have every right to let people know what happened to me.
I don't want to piss anyone off just because of my experience and opinions. The lady behind Big Butt Magazine was never rude to me and was very upfront with me.So, I never anticipated anything bad happening.
I don't want to seem ungrateful for being asked to be in the magazine. Or I don't want this to be mistook for me being angry at what happened to me because it wasn't want I was lead to believe.It's just I never just jump at something just because I'm asked or want publicity. I've seen copies and while many things about some are fantastic.
Other things aren't.. such as grammar, punctuation and so on.My opinion on a magazine that wants to be taken serious and even go as far as calling themselves "The number 1 Big booty magazine in the world" is that you really need to check things as simple as grammar. AND I know some of you are like ITS A FUCKING PORN MAGAZINE ITS NOT HOME & GARDEN.. I KNOW!!
I am well aware that its a porn magazine & not every man gets it to read or cares about the quality.. It could very well be captured for more of the amateur lovers. Even though the photos they asked for did have to be at high quality... or size rather..So they said.

With that being said..When I decided to do it it was because I liked that I could send in whatever kind of photos I wanted.Photos that showcased my individual style but having many butt shots (and other full nudes,pussy and all) for their adult butt magazine.She asked for a bio and other information (some very graphic and right for a porn magazine).When she received it she said it was great. Perfect and thanked me. Afterwards I sent the very larger photos they asked for.That too, she commented positively on. Saying they were great and perfect.
I was very happy to give the photos I wanted .. they information I wanted..I felt like this was a magazine that was letting the girl be themselves and real..As well as naughty and kinky like most anyone in the adult industry is.

I read my release very well.There was no sigh of any problem. I knew I signed the rights for them to edit anything that I said.
But with that being said...they made it sound to me that there wasn't any room for improvement. She asked me to speak about sexual things as well as my body art and so forth.
I was comfortable with talking about my sex life and how I like it in bed and so on.
But, that's just I like it and what I can do or am willing to do.
I never thought that they would need or want to make up lies about me because, like I said they made it sound like I was doing it both my way and their way and the right way.
What they needed to make a good article.

Once all of my information was sent in I didn't hear anything for about 2 months.
Then I was told I'd be in July's issue!! COOL I think! Well, that issue came and went and i didn't hear anything from them.
No biggie. I know people get busy and that she'd let me know if I needed to know anything.

Well, to speed this story up... this week at the July BBW Bash I had a gentleman come up and tell me that he has seen me in a magazine. hahah. I was curious and of course asked me to go get it and let me see if it really was me. It most certainly was August 2010!! There I was on the back of the front cover! It brought the biggest smile to my face. Even though no one told me... I didn't care about that one bit!
What struck me as odd is this man kept asking me "is it true, is it true"... and I said what are talking about.. He says he does something for a living that he gets articles in magazines written on him but, he always lies to jazz it up a bit.. I told him that I was the type of girl that would not lie to boost interest.Surely I thought being asked to be in magazines was a sign that they liked you and wanted something like YOU.

So, I beginning checking out my spread.The pictures look great..The quality of my photos are perfect.
I don't even get past the first 4 sentences before my mouth dropped in disbelief.
I knew they could have done it.. I just didn't think they were going to lie about me that horrible.
They said nothing about completely making up things about me and presenting it as if I said it. Had they of been honest with me and told me that they were going to extremely lie about me.. I would have never done it. Then again, of course who would and what company would be that honest?

I have attached a few paragraphs just to show you all what I mean when I say they lied pretending as if I was saying this shit.
If you have ever seen the things I wrote about my website or know that yes, I am perverted .. but I don't talk like this shit..The 2nd paragraph is what I said here and there.. I say here and there because you can tell when it's something I've said verses something they've made up to sound like me...And the "sashay" sentence makes me both laugh and roll my eyes.. Who the fuck says that?? lol And "slime"...who says that when talking about pussy juice?? Slime makes me think of one thing and one thing only.. GHOSTBUSTERS!!! lol And NO, I cannot smoke a cigar with my ass.
I am mainly pissed about them making up lies like that because I don't want people coming to my website thinking thats they kind of shit I do. Its lies and I wasn't the one to lie. This magazine did using my name.
This has me so pissed I thought about hanging up my modeling towel..... But, I won't let them get the best of me. I won't stop being myself or saying whatever I feel needs to be said. I won't let someone steal my passion away.

(please click each image to get a full size and read it all!!)

this is what is found as soon as you open the magazine.To sum it up. It states how everything wrote in this magazine is edited and basically a lie. Though, it's a men porn mag. Show me the guy who actually reads it!! Ya know.
This is the first paragraph to my spread.It's 100% ALL FALSE! As I'm sure you all who read my blog can tell.The 2nd paragraph beginning here is going into things I did say added with some bullshit they once again made up.
The next paragraph where again, you can see where some of the things wrote a true.. Though many things were spelled wrong or had some punctuation problem. I really hate how they even got my tattoos wrong. My Frankenstein is 100% done you dumb shits..
and this is the last paragraph and the biggest crock of shit in the whole magazine..
Oh, you didn't know I could "puff a cigarette with my ass cheeks"??? hahahhahh

Lover Boy

If you read my blog you SHOULD know I have a man.. whether I don't promote it here nor there mostly because IT'S NO ONES FUCKING BUSINESS!! However, if you read my blog you'd see a few post about my man (
I love him SO the same time.. I can talk to men..I'm a huge flirt.. But, I'd never go as far as cheating on him. He is the only one for me and I am the happiest I've ever been with a man.

Being that I am a model you men can think anything you want of me.. You can pretend that I'm the prefect fantasy girl all you want..But, when it comes down to it I'm going home with my finance. Also, because I am a model I don't give too much of my personal information out. Though, this blog is the closest thing most of you will get to knowing the real me.
I'm a real person and sometimes I have to protect my personal life and I dont do that to hurt anyone nor do I feel like its me telling lies.. It's just me keeping business separate from my personal life. Most all models do the same thing.
Don't get shit twisted..Don't read just the things you want and pretend you didn't see this or that wrote about my lover boy. Don't call me a liar if I chose not to tell you my personal information.
It you're interested in finding a date go to fucking a dating site.... not a porn site.. because even though I do what some would consider porn... I'm not a prostitute... and I will never fuck you.
I will also NEVER change for you, watch my mouth or do something that isn't me. I live life with no regrets.

Next blog coming with a Vegas trip recap with photos and all sorts of juicy shit talk.. Because y'all already know this is my blog and I don't hold back a fucking thing I feel/think.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gettin' down on the farm

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time. Its totally different for me yet still sexy as heck (heheheh).
This photo set is filled with belly shots. So, if belly is your thing you don't want to miss this update now on
(click images to make larger)


Vegas Trip!

As all of you should know by now I am going to Vegas this month. Its literally less then a week away. My original plan was to attend the BBW Bash at the hotel I am staying at - The Tuscany.
I honestly don't know if I will be able to attend the bash events. Though, I will be poolside hanging out with everyone. I could very well go to the events,but I cannot say for sure due to me being really tight on money. Which sucks, I know. But, I went to the bash in 08 and while I had a good time... I had the best time just hanging out with people here and there in Vegas. So, I won't be bummed too badly if I don't make it because I know I'll see you guys around. After all, I am staying at the hotel where the bash takes place.

If you're around Las Vegas from July 13 - 19th email me and we'll meet up!!
As long as you aren't a creep.. I'll totally hang with you (in a public


Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick update

Hey there guys, I just wanted to stop in real quick to let you all know why I haven't posted lately.
My Vegas trip is now less then 2 weeks away and I've been uber busy getting everything ready for that.
I've also been enjoying my summer like crazy. I've been going out to clubs and events and having a blast. I cannot wait to party my ass off in Vegas.
I have a few photo shoots set up with various photographers in Vegas. That I'm stoked about as well.

Well, kiddies be sure to keep checking for my latest photos and videos.
I may be a busy gal but I ALWAYS update my website.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July...I know I got shit faced! lol

My partner in crime last night!