Monday, June 14, 2010

Skeleton key tattoo

It's not finished because I started feeling light headed and we stopped. Eh, I don't know why that happened to me. It's never happened with any other tattoo.

But, here is what we have done so far. Oh, and it's on the back of my right arm.



Red said...

Nice tat SD.

I dig your red hair and freckles, they're a super turn on.

Quick question: bush or shaved? ;-)



Synful Dame said...

@ Red - Thanks Red =) and to answer your question.. Shaved ;)


Katie said...

Does it make me a creepster that I could have answered that? :D I totally dig it. Like the placement too. Does your other half tattoo out of a shop?

Bob said...

lookin good, i likes it

Synful Dame said...

@ Katie - He just left the shop he was at for about 5 years due to them being insanely unprofessional. So, brought all his stuff home including chair.. and is doing them out of a home studio until we open a shop of our own.

I don't think it's creepy at all.I'm always okay with hot chicks knowing my ... situation.. haha.