Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Odd Penetration - Cookies n' Cream

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where I dine on my favorite ice cream then stuff my ass with the scoop.
I love odd penetration in my clit and ass and now you get to feast your eyes and ears upon it. *wink*
(click images to make larger)



Bob said...

i think i have seen a scoop like that before. hmmmmm but i cant think where. ; )

Synful Dame said...

@ Bob - Oh pshh, we both know where. Don't play dumb.. hahahah. j/k.


Red said...

Yum yum...deeeeelicious!

Synful Dame said...

@ Red - Why thank you. xoxo

Sinclaire Art said...

Totally hot. Can't wait to shoot with you!!

Synful Dame said...

@ Sinclaire Art - YAY! I'm glad you likes.

I cannot wait either.