Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I grew up as a huge tomboy and never really did much girlie things.. I didn't wear much makeup and still don't. The only thing most gals and I have in common are our love for SHOES!!
In the past 3 years I'd say I've become more interested in all the glitz and glam. From the accessories to the hair and makeup. I find myself being more about what necklace and earrings to wear with this or that outfit rather than what shoes. That may have something with me having so damn many pairs of shoes..hahaah. But, who knows. ;)

I've never really been much on jewelry or the other accessories.Though, here lately I've been on a necklace kick for some reason.
I must have just bought 8 new ones..Including all of these...

which I really love them all!

Not to mention that I have my ears gauged and love switching them out with the coolest new sets.
I just got all of these..


Nancy Lil said...

love the owl!

Naughty Nixx said...

I'm with you there chicky!! I love your new accessories. Ive been on a similar kick lately. Like you I've been pretty damn tomboyish but I've been crazy into necklaces, hair brarettes, bows, girl stuff out the wazooooo!! I think when you think about the little things of an outfit it makes the whole thing put together and 10 times awesome-er lol You kick ass chicky!!

Synful Dame said...

Thanks for the comments, hot ladies!!