Monday, May 17, 2010

Where are you?

Me?... I've been clued to my couch watching Dexter.
Someone save me!! Actually, on second thought. DON'T!! hahaha I'll be back once I am caught up on this show. Why did it take me so long to sit and finally watch it? I'll never know.
I've been told for yearrrrrs that I'd love this show and by golly.. I DO!!

I pinky promise I will get back to posting blogs soon!!


Angela Vendetta said...

HHAHAHA you've been drawn in by Dexter too? We have been obsessed with the show for the last month or so and are just about to wrap up season 4. I even went out and found a book from the series (its not as good as the show). Dexter gives me a girl boner. <3 you

Paul said...

come on get back to the world ! cos ive got a sorry for you !

Synful Dame said...

@ Angela Vendetta - Yeah, I've seen up to season 3 and nothing has been better than the first one. That's the way it always works with shows.
The first is always the best.


Love you,babe.

Synful Dame said...

@ Paul - Okay,okay I'll stop being a lazy bugger. hahaha. What's this "sorry"? Is that anything like a story? hahah.

xoxo I'll talk to you in email land sir. =)