Friday, April 2, 2010

A very special gift

A very generous man from my favorite fat forum surpised me with a wonderful gift from my amazon wishlist (
There is nothing better than receiving an unexpected gift from someone that just wants you to know that they support and think of you. It's such an awesome feeling.

Now, I will be a good smelling chubby gal for quite a while.heheheh.
Oh,and this is my all time favorite fragrance and has been for yearsssssssssssssssssssss!!
Even better..I had just ran out when this gift came. Talk about perfect timing!
I'm a lucky gal..I must say.

Check out what I got:

I cannot thank this fella enough. He knows who he is and knows I am very grateful for these.


Anonymous said...

WOW that is awesome! Gifts are very cool to get. (now to find me a fan like that!)

Synful Dame said...

It is a really rad feeling,man.
You should have some,you're awesome!