Monday, April 26, 2010

Tattoo Anyone?

As some of you may or may not know my old man is a tattoo artist. He recently walked out of the shop he was at for 5 years. He did so for DAMN good reasons. That shop was disgusting and had the worst reputation in this state for nearly 20 years. Finally they fucked with him long enough that he walked out.

So, we are on an adventure to open our very own tattoo shop!! You heard right!! We'll get a one bedroom apt. or studio if we cannot find a decent building to open in. Now, this may not happen for awhile. It's in our 5 year plan. lol. But, for now he is tattooing out of the house.We bought a tattoo chair and along with all the things he brought home from the shop we have everything to have a shop that WILL pass inspection. He has a stove top autoclave, a thermo-fax, 1000's of flash and outline designs and absolutely everything you'd see at a tattoo shop.It's not like some shotty dude that has never worked in a shop or works with homemade machines. This is the real deal.

That being said.. If you are in the Charlotte/Winston Salem area of North Carolina and you'd like to get shop quality work for a decent price. And when I say decent that's what I mean. I'm not talking about 10-20 dollar tattoos. Fuck that... Contact me through here or email me @
Here is D.Von Rotten getting tattooed just tonight in the rad new tattoo chair.

And the finished piece right afterwards:


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Good luck! Dont live close or would love a great new tattoo.

Synful Dame said...

@ Anonymous - Thank you so much!! Welp,if you are ever in our neck of the woods keep us in mind.