Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo of the day

Do my eyes scream "I want to fuck"?? *wink wink*
(click image to make larger)



Bob said...

this one is my fav

Katie said...

probably one of my favorites ever. SO much in this picture to love.
Bewbies, freckles, glasses...just awesomeness. <3

Synful Dame said...

@ Bob - You say that with all of them,silly boy. hahah. Thank you, hun.


Synful Dame said...

@ Katie - Thank you for all the sweet comments,Katie. This photo set was really all about the brass knuckles. I had just got that black pair and thought they were just the coolest things ever.

I'm glad you like this!!


puppet said...

damn why can't my eyes look like that..they just say "fuck you"..i love the brass knuckles!

Synful Dame said...

@ puppet - You're right they do cream more "fuck you" than "fuck me".. lol.
Love you,puppet!