Friday, April 16, 2010

My day.

I can honestly say I didn't think this would be how I was spending a Friday. I was awaken this morning at 7:30am by an aunt of mine who I am not particularly close to.We live closer than any other family I have,but we don't see or speak to each other more than once every 5 years.
Here lately it seems,sadly,that people are dieing left and right.I really want to make an effort to see my family more.
Anyway..My aunt's best friend's,who I've known my whole life,mother pasted away. My mom called me last night to ask if I'd drive with my aunt to my home town of Virginia Beach because she has bad anxiety when driving.I had no problem doing that at all,but let me tell you what happened.

This morning when she called she wasn't sounding sure about going.She said I'll call you back and we can work out the details.Okay.Well around 9am or so. She calls again and says if we're going to go we better leave soon. Then she asks me to meet her like 30 mins away so she doesn't have to come to my house. That annoyed me.I figured she'd at least come and get me.After figuring out that I'd meet her 30 mins away.And my car is fucked. It overheats if I drive it more than 15 mins on the interstate. I told her that..but she insisted on meeting.
Oh,wait..I forgot to mention that when she called back we said we'd meet up then. So,I get ready and leave!! Thankfully I live down a long ass dirt road( I never thought I'd say that) and by the time I get to the end. She called and tells me to turn around. Don't leave yet. She isn't even packed and still unsure she wants to go.

After getting back from leaving the first time. I just went about my day as if I wasn't going. i was pretty sure she'd bail.To my surprise she called back and said she is ready. Cool. We were meeting somewhere tha was like 20 mins from her and 30 mins from me.So I waited like 20mins to leave knowing how much she procrastinates.We finally got on the road to meet her around 12:30.Getting 3 exits away the car started over heating and we had to pull over.Its like 85 outside and here we are on the side of the interstate for like 10 mins. Ugh.

Okay,we meet up and stay there while she gets stuff from the store and uses the restroom. Lover boy put more water in the car while my aunt thanks him and asks about the car.That annoys me because I told her the car would do's the first time he's meeting this aunt of mine and he was annoyed from the start.He had the same feeling that I had. She wanted me to go.She could have come and got me.

We get on the road..she has a gps and printed directions yet she still went the WRONG way!
Oh god! So I snagged the directions and put her on the right track. The first ramp we got off she totally cuts this huge truck off and we seriously almost crashed.She won't stop talking about how she doesn't want to go and she is dreading this 6hour drive.yada yada.
Here we are about 35 mins on the road and she is serious about not wanting to go. So much so that she gets off the interstate and parks at a gas station.She went in and we sat there for like 15 mins while she talked herself out of going. lol. I told her she needed a fucking chill pill or something hahah.

So,we turn around! Yeah,really. She didn't want to go. She said let's just go back to my house and have some drinks.That she'll take me home tomorrow. I was so happy not to be going to VA that I didn't even care about staying the night at her place. I really thought since we had a morning like we did that we'd atleast go.Nope,we went back to her place and had a cookout with some mixed drinks.
A better ending to a shitty start that's for sure.


Katie Jewel said...

wow what a day lol

Synful Dame said...

Indeed. I am so damn happy to be home!