Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vegas here I come!!!

So, I'm not too sure how many of you know about the BBW bash in Vegas. It's been going on for I believe 13 years now. I went back in '08 and am going again this year!!!
I couldn't be more stoked. I feel I didn't do Vegas right the last time I went. I stayed in a GORGEOUS house with insanely hot women and never wanted to leave. And I didn't I must have stayed in that pool,drinking my Pabst 75% of the time I was there. hahah .. I paid for the bash that I only spent 1 night at. hah. Don't get me wrong - I had the time of my life.
I just really want to SEE Vegas this year.

Last time I brought a dear friend of mine "Puppet" ( a guest model on my website) but, we didn't plan right or with each other. She flew a day early and it just wasn't a
"us" experience ya know?.. She still had a blast. Though...she did stay on the phone up in the house room like 50% of the time. haha. Everyday someone said " where's Puppet".. I love the girl..But,he man at the time was way too controling. I'm glad they aren't together anymore..But,that's a different topic. haha..

LAS VEGAS 2010!!
D.Von Rotten and I are going to do it up big!! We're staying for a whole week. At the Tuscany Hotel where the bash is being held. We aren't doing the full week bash events because we want to do more stuff in the town.But, we will be at the weekend events. Especially, the Vampire Ball!!!
We're so pumped for that.
I am so happy to be going with her. She and I have SO much fun together. We've been friends for yearssssss. I love her to pieces. She is so different than Puppet and this will be a totally different experience. We've booked everything together. So, we'll be side by side the entire trip. yay!!

July 13th -19th are the dates that we'll be there. We arrive in Vegas @ around noon the first day. If you're going or live in Vegas and want to hangout or do some photos as a model or photographer - let me know!! I will be bringing my model face and my camera. So I'll be playing both roles this trip.. Much like last time.. because I had the pleasure of shooting with BBW Gwen as a model and photographer. I hope we can do that again this year..

Oh and I am soooo fucking taking pictures with Vermillion!!!! It's on!!

Here are some photos of me in my new swimsuit for Vegas that I just snapped with my webcam.
Just for my blog readers ;)

peek a boo

See you all in VEGAS,BABY!!


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