Monday, March 1, 2010

Feed The Fat!

For all of you into the growing girls, feedee or if you just like seeing a gal stuffing her face.
This new site is for YOU.
It's filled with the latest updates in the fatty world.
You can view FREE previews from the hottest fat chicks on the net today.
Violet James

And most recently...Yours Truly!! yay!

(though I am not a gainer..I love eating and do A LOT of it. haha. I don't watch my weight. And I'd say in the 3ish years I've been modeling I've put on a good 40lbs.)

The list grows weekly with new gals being added.
So, be SURE to check out and check it regularly to keep up on all the new stuff coming at'cha!

Thanks to the lovely Ivy for featuring myself and the kind words wrote.*big hugs*



steve said...

Them shorts are so dam hot. I like the view up them :P
Nice site to.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks for sharing with us Synful.

Synful Dame said...

@ Steve - Thanks babe. Every time I wear them shorts I feel dead sexy. *giggles*

Synful Dame said...

@ Anonymous - let me know who you are so I can properly thank such a nice person. Thanks for commenting!


Webster Stroll said...

That's a very sexy way to gain (accidentally but embracing it).

Synful Dame said...

@ Webster Stroll - I agree..Gaining for someone else's fetish has never appealed to me.
Thanks for the comment!