Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don Carlos' Gallery!

A while ago I had the pleasure of meeting this dude in Vegas.
He is funny,cool,charming and loves his big girls.
He's had his website for a few years now.Where it is dedicated to his love for curvy women.
He also makes these spiffy little poster like photos of each girl that he features on his site.
I've even had the honor of having some of these made for me.
Have a look...

Pretty neat,huh??
SO, if you are a fan of fine curvy women. Head on over to where you can keep up with all the hottest BBW's on the net.

You can see a post he did on ME in '09 @



Don Carlos said...

Look at you beautiful, showin all the love...definitely was a pleasure doin those posters for you and hope to get an interview in effect with you sometime as well.

Keep on killin em, babe!


Synful Dame said...

And thank you sweetheart for all the support over the years.