Monday, March 15, 2010

CGN Portraits

This weekend my gal pal and I did our first photo shoot together with a wonderful photographer.
Chris of CGN Portraits is a very friendly and open photographer. Right from the start he made us feel very comfortable and welcomed.I've worked with photographers that were intimated by curves.Chris is definitely not! He was fun and professional. I will most certainly be working with him again. Please check out his portfolio @

D.Von Rotten and I went on a 3 hour road trip to meet him on his farm.
There he had an old abandoned house (which I've always had a thing for ). It didn't take us anytime to get our hair,makeup and wardrobe done.
In our first shoot Von Rotten was my kitchen slave. I had her on all fours with a spiked collar and leash. It was super hot!!! I don't have any of them to share with you just yet. We took about 400!!
As soon as I get them you will get a preview.
The second set we did was very simple yet hot. I love curvy women..I especially love soft,pale curves. Von Rotten and I both have very pale skin and I knew I wanted to do some artistic nudes. Here are some photos of that set.


Allan Lorde said...

Those shots are terrific!

Synful Dame said...

Thanks so much!!

Faye Daniels said...

LOVE where you're shooting!

BigGirlSketchBlog said...

Damn! What a great set of photos!

Synful Dame said...

@ Faye - Oh,man me too!! I can't wait to shoot there again.We only used like 2 of the rooms. There are so many more.

Synful Dame said...

@ BigGirlSketchBlog - Thank you very much,dear.