Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day

First thing Valentines day we went to the tattoo shop. It's not open on Sunday but hey, my boyfriend works there. So, we can go whenever we want. Now, he wasn't the one tattooing today.
Today the big boss man is tattooing. What? ME!! For Valentines my sweet lover boy got his boss to do a killer tattoo for me.Roger has been an artist for over 19 years.His shop is the oldest in the it's county. Someday Shane(my boyfriend) and I will run that shop. Or another branch off of it.

So.. I wasn't able to shoot a video of me getting tattooed. I think it's because Roger is rather olded fashioned and very low key. Someday SOON I will record me getting tattooed.It'll more than likely be when Shane is doing it.
Any who, I started getting photo happy on the ride. *giggles*
(click all photos to see full size)

As soon as we got there. I began taking more pictures all over the shop.
Here is Shane's section(notice my photo on the wall! He printed and framed it. Too cute!! xoxo).

Me in the shop bathroom.

After fucking around as the guys set up. We finally got started around noon.
About an hour later we took a small break and I snapped more pictures.

Sitting back down we finally finished around 3:45pm. Even though Frankie isn't done.
We are adding a green tent to him and some white highlights. We'll do that once he is healed so we can see how the shading looks. I am so happy with it.

After we left the shop we headed to the mall. There my lover boy bought me whatever I wanted.
I got over 10 things from Bath & Body Works,the last 3 novels in the books I'm reading,a few new comic books,new rechargeable batteries with the charger and a webcam.
hahah this boy is turning me into a spoiled brat. *giggles*
I got him a new touch screen phone with all these really cool features.
I also got this really cute card and set it on his table in between things. I was so sure he wouldn't notice it for days.That I took a picture. haha. But,as soon as he walked in the room he noticed it. It was cute but I was like "damn there gos my it took him however many days to notice post". hah. lame. lol

Ending this night with perfect as well. We snuggled up on the couch and watched 'The Stepfather'. Which was pretty okay.Nothing great but worth seeing if you enjoy thrillers and suspense.
As soon as the movie ended he headed to the bedroom and told me to come here.
You know I did!! I won't go into too many details. We'll just say we had a GREAT time!
Had my body shivering and shakin'. ooooO weee!!

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day. I've never been much for this day. I don't really care about the material things. Really I don't. I am very grateful for having such an awesome awesome man in my life. He is my one and only.My future husband.My soul mate.
The love of my life.


Anonymous said...

Good tattoo girl. You look great.

Synful Dame said...

Thanks hun!