Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Model & News

Hey all!! I want you all to meet my gal friend - Darkness Von Rotten!
She will soon be apart of in a brand spanking new guest model area.
Where not only can you have an exclusive look at some of my extremely smokin' gal pals..
But, you get a closer glance at my work as a photographer.
Something I enjoy just as much as being a model.

My website will undergo a big face lift (if you will). I am going from being a Plump Doll. To being a solo girl. Much of you all may thing I've already been solo. Which I have. But, I've been a Plump Doll at the same time. The new change will make it to where I am no longer a Plump Doll.
I will still have the same wonderful webmaster and my new website will look very similar to the one already up. It's so me and I really won't be changing too much to it. It'll just have a new "enter page" and other upgrades.I feel the design of it now is SO me and why change perfection?.*giggles*
So, stay tuned because I will announce when the transformation is complete.

For now,here is to all you lovers of the different and unique.



Anonymous said...

Ooo she is very sexy.
That net dress is too.

Synful Dame said...

Thank so much,hun. I'm glad you enjoy her. She will be around more often.

BigGirlSketchBlog said...

Damn! She is SEXY! I think I am getting inpsired!

Synful Dame said...

@ BigGirlSketchBlog - Hell yeah she is!! That's awesome.