Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amazing fan art

I have received some truly amazing "fan art". It is such an honor and pleasure for someone to make me something. It's great just to have support.Then when people go all out like this. It's so awesome. Thank you all who've made me stuff. I am very grateful!!

Here are just a few of the amazing art pieces I have been sent.
(click to view full size)
(made by a Fubar friend)

(made by Asshley from Myspace)

(both the above and below ones made by J_Strange)

(made by a myspace friend)

(made by MadPimp on deviantArt)

(By the amazing Tattooed Goddess)
Reference photo:

(made by a myspace friend)


Anonymous said...

I will make you something baby. I like the art.

Synful Dame said...

Awww that's be awesome. I love receiving artwork.

Synful Dame said...