Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tonight's Photoshoot.

I'm a bit of a Tomboy.I love skate shoes,comfy clothes,guns and am not afraid of getting dirty or putting in some manual labor.I don't wear much makeup,unless I'm shooting or going out.I rather prefer not to wear it.There's no need for a women to have caked on makeup 24.7.

I wanted to do something that shows my love for one of my favorite clothing/skate companies,DC.
DC Shoes are so comfortable.They are especially nice for my wide ass foot.
There isn't too much glitz to these photos.It's just a gal in a beanie,a phat ass pair of sneakers and some knee high socks to spice it up.

View all these photos on later this week.
I'll keep you posted on exactly when.


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