Friday, January 15, 2010

Sex toys

So,believe it or not.I've never owned but 1 sex toy. Yeah, for real. It was giving to me just a few years ago by an ex gal friend. It was the standard 6in vibrator.
To be honest.My whole life I can only think of maybe a handful of toys that I've actually played with. I love my fingers. I love touching my pussy and body.I love the way my wet clit feels.I love hands period. At times,I rather just have someone touch my body softly and finger me than dick fuck me. I just have a thing for hands. teheheh.

Well,it's been too long without them. I bought a few today.
I can't wait to play with them. And I can't wait to have my lover boy use them on me. mmmmm.
*day dreams*

Heres just a sample of what I got:
(this one is my favorite.. water proof and everything..tehehe)


.faye. said...

I have that g spot vibe and totally learned how to squirt with it! LOVE IT!

Synful Dame said...

mmmm squirting is awesome!! As is that toy .. AND YOU!!

Steve said...

Looks like you know how to have some fun. Can I help? haha