Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year!

Happy motherfucking 2010!!!

Ya'll know my birthday is December 31st right!!? Oh,yeah I'm not playing.
It used to suck as a kid.But, being older it rocks!

I hope everyone had a killer New Year!

I've never made a new years resolution...but, I made one this year. It's to let go of the stress. I don't take life too serious. At times that is a curse because people think I'm careless rather than carefree. I just want to be happy and nothing but that. It's not hard. The first step is loving yourself and we all know I do. hahaha.
I'm going to breathe deep and not get myself worked up over little things.

Just breathe.I have to tell myself that at time or I'll just explode. ha.
But,I'm sure we all have out boiling points.

Any who, I'm rambling again.haha..



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