Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'll never understand people who let their emotions get the best of them.
Now,I'm not saying I don't have 'bad days'.But,I won't let myself be all depressed any longer then that.I read about too many people being down and confused about everything. That must fucking blow.And it's rather sad.
I wish happiness for everyone.But, more importantly I hope that people figure out who they are and what they want.Or want to be. Dream and make happen.Live and let die.Do you and be you.

This is a little off topic. But, why would someone in the adult entertainment business do it because they don't want to? I read something the other day about a webmaster being accused of pressuring her models into doing anal.I'm sorry,but NO ONE is making me stick a damn thing up my ass unless I'm down.Ya know? What the fuck is the point of being in this industry if you don't enjoy it? What the fuck is the point if you want out every other fucking day???
Money?? really?? Is it that important to you?
I can honestly say.That I don't do this for the money. I LOVE being in front of the camera.It empowers me. It is a way of expressing my sexuality. And NO ONE has made me do this but myself. There was a time that I nearly had to stop with my website.That's just because I'm on the map and people hate on that. hah. It is what it is.

All I'm saying to you all is.. LIVE YOUR LIFE!! FUCK what others think,say or do.
Be you and do you!!


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