Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lazy Days

Among the many things I love. Lazy days are one of them. Nothing is better than doing nothing. The days where you can just lay on the couch (or bed) and watch movies all day.
Tuesday are infamous for being my lazy days.I usually like to shoot on these days. But, every once in a while. I won't. Today,I did nothing. I sat my fat ass on the couch and watched one killer vampire movie (pun intended!! tehehe). It's called 'Vampire killers'

and it kicks fucking ass.
I actually just found out there is already a part 2. I will be getting that!!
Instantly I knew this was a keepers. If you like really great B movies with lesbian vampires, just lesbians or just vampires. You will love this. It's like Shaun of the dead(another favorite of mine) and the gore is pretty damn great.
So, moving on..

I also watched a bunch of 'The Millionaire Matchmaker'.I have a weird liking for that show. I have no clue why. All my roommates hate it. They rather me watch 'The Bad Girls Club'(yeah, I watch that . I love drunk,dumb chicks) and see pantie blur shots. hahaha =) That's because they're dudes. hah
I can't help it. I figure my life is pretty simple and drama free..So I like to watch train wrecks on tv. hahaha.I blame VH1,really. All them damn shows with all them drunk tits out. haha. It's addicting.

SO here here to the lazy days!!!


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