Friday, January 15, 2010


Hey you! Yeah,you!! If you can read this then let me know what you think.
I love writing for you all. I also really enjoy your comments. I have plenty of you following me. Why follow me and not let me know whatca think? Ya know?.
So, I'm letting you all know that I'd like to hear from YOU!

Have something as far as a video or photos that youd like to see me do?
Ask away.
Any other questions or comments?
Have at it.

I am so happy to have such great supporters in my adventures.
I'm looking forward to all the fantastic things 2010 will bring!!
Which reminds me.. Are you saying two-ten or two thousand ten??



Ruben Esq said...

No fat girl willing to expose this much of herself on this internet should be left hanging for comments! I appreciate you posting, and I'm glad for Blogger's Following widget that let's you see who your followers follow. That's how I found you, and I'll be back a lot more. Come take a look at my Ruben Esq’s Sketchblog

Synful Dame said...

aww you're too sweet!
Thank you,Ruben!