Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coffee anyone?

Okay,I've never been much of a coffee drinker.That is until lately. I have a gal pal that drinks it all the time. So much so that she gave me a coffee maker just for when she comes over.
Now it seems every time she does come over.I'm drinking it with her.With like 3 spoonfuls of sugar and mad creamer.That can't be good.
I never really liked coffee.But,seriously it does seem to wake my lazy ass up.

Do you drink coffee?


Jessika_Vegas said...

Every morning, and just the way you do.. Three LARGE tablespoons of Sugar, and Two large spoons of Non-dairy creamer..

AND OMG if we hit Starbucks, Mocha Frapachinos with caramel in the cup, with a shot of espresso.. Talk about moving your ass.. LOL


Synful Dame said...

hahah dude.. I've NEVER been to Starbucks. lol. I try like hell to stay clear of them.
Then again..I've never drank coffee type things until now.