Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kanye West

I really do have a thing for him. It's not a sexual thing..But,I feel like we have similar thoughts about ourselves. I am extremely full of myself at times. I am just too confident for anyone to shot me down.Some may find it unattractive or something negative like that..But,I say this.. You say confidence is a the key to being beautiful.Yet, when someone has it to the max it's looked down at. That's bullshit to me. I have been a big girl all my life..And most of it..I HAVE been happy with being me.Through the jokes as a kid and all that mess.I stay in love with me and who I am.
People can think I have a big head or whatever.It doesn't matter to me. The only thing that matters to me..Is what I think about me.

When I listen to Kanye it puts me in the best mood. Like nothing nor no one can stop me.
Greatness doesn't happen overnight. Then again for some it may come faster or easier. But, if your heart is in it your time will come.Never give up!!

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