Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guess who's back??..again!

Hey fuckers!
Yep,it's me! I'm back ...aaaaaaaagin.
I've been crazy busy with moving and buying a new home..HOORAY home ownership.
So,how is everyone? I hope I can pick up on this blog again.
I always wanted for this to be more in my daily.
But,not having internet can put a stop to that real quick.
Welp,seeing how I have the net back.You know one of the first things I do is update my website.
I have a new photographer..My dear friend,Kelly.
She's actually a photography student at the local art school.
That's really cool.She takes great photos.

Now,that I have the net back..and am settled into my new place.
I do plan to write more.
PLAN on it..hahaha.we'll see how that works.heheh.
I leave you with the best things for lunch ...mmmm.
It's a rainy day here.So,I'll be back later today to post some more random shit.
Oh,and to give previews of all the new goodies and plans for

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