Friday, October 16, 2009

About the other day...

So, I made a post a few days ago and said something about writing again that night.
Well, my gal pal came over and she brought basically that means FUCK YOU!
hahhhaha Just kiddin'.But, ya know what I mean.
We had a pretty awesome night.We drank a little and played some that how you spell it?
I don't play video games much.I'm a movie buff myself.But,I really dig that system.
We bowled and played some bricks game.
Good times.
After getting home,I was a little tipsy and decided to make some sexy videos.
I wanted to share some little preview thingies I made just for my blog..tehehe.
(not all videos were shot that day)

I'll keep you all posted on when these videos go live.
I must say .. aside from making my very first eating video...I made my naughtiest ones yet.
SO naughty in fact, I can't even put into words. Nor will I be posting a free preview of em'.
*evil grin*
You must be a member of to see them.
Until then, here are some random shots from just a few of the other videos.
(yes, I gave a banana a blow job..hahahahah)

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