Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's been awhile..

Well hell fucking o to you too!!
It's only been about 6 months since I late posted.
I went through some shit.
Everything from a break up to a new guy.New job and place to live.
All in all it's been pretty rad.
I've been having a blast.I didn't like not being able to update my website for weeks!
Luckily I have that all back on track!
I missed the net.I didn't have it for some time.
You never really know how much you love the shit til it's gone.
Now that I have everything back in order.I will start posting more.
Let me say THANK YOU to everyone who has stuck by me this past year.
It has been the best and worst time of my life.
I am only 23 and I have so much more to learn and do.
I am so excited to be where I am at this time in my life.
I'm blessed to have such bad-ass people in my life. Both in my personal life and this web thing.
My website is expanding in a great way.
I have much new material. & TATTOOS!! I've always got to mention that.I'm always getting new tattoos.I fucking love them.Enough said.ha..I work at a tattoo shop and date a tattoo artist ..It is some what a big part of my life.

Any ways,I'm rambling like always.
I'm going to start making post regularly. SO, watch for them and read them.
I only post the bestest(haha) stuff..& I post pictures of hot ladies like these of Plump Dolls newest site "The Dollhouse"

See I just hooked you up..haha.I didn't even have to do that.
I'ma dork.and hyper.sorry.hahaa.
Just stay tuned is all I'm saying.
I'm done for now.
Everyone have an awesome SPRING TIME!!!
Leaving you with some late ass Halloween teasers!
Being that I didn't have any fucking internet starting in October.
All these are already on