Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kanye West

I really do have a thing for him. It's not a sexual thing..But,I feel like we have similar thoughts about ourselves. I am extremely full of myself at times. I am just too confident for anyone to shot me down.Some may find it unattractive or something negative like that..But,I say this.. You say confidence is a the key to being beautiful.Yet, when someone has it to the max it's looked down at. That's bullshit to me. I have been a big girl all my life..And most of it..I HAVE been happy with being me.Through the jokes as a kid and all that mess.I stay in love with me and who I am.
People can think I have a big head or whatever.It doesn't matter to me. The only thing that matters to me..Is what I think about me.

When I listen to Kanye it puts me in the best mood. Like nothing nor no one can stop me.
Greatness doesn't happen overnight. Then again for some it may come faster or easier. But, if your heart is in it your time will come.Never give up!!

Tee Shirts

I used to be a big tom boy.I still am at heart.But,dress more female like now.
I don't wear as many tees like I did. Oh,but I find the best ones. I buy them and usually alter them to make 'em more girlie.I can't stand the neck to tees anymore.
Just like the other shirt store I made a blog about(Threadless). This website http://www.snorgtees.com is filled with kick ass tees. I love altering tee shirts so much.I have often thought of opening a online store with them.That may still be something I will do in the new year. Which I am hella stoked about.2010,man...I can't believe it.

Well kiddies..Check out that link.It's got some awesome shirts.
& I'll keep ya posted about my online store dream.
I hope everyone has a great holiday!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Year One.

Good afternoon people.How are you all doing?
Well,I'm doing wonderful. Yesterday was me and my lover boys 1 year anniversary.Oddly,I'm not too big on romance..I know many women say that and really want it.But,I really mean it.Let's order pizza,cuddle up on the couch and watch movies.End it with a night cap and you have the perfect day to me.

The last guy I was with would just go out..buy the most expensive thing (mostly jewerly..which I don't even wear) , come home and just hand it to me.The things he got me would collect dust in my panty draw. Don't get me wrong.I'm not some ungrateful witch.It's just,I'm not going to wear something just because you bought it.If it's not me.It's not me.That guy and I are not together anymore. And I didn't take a single thing he bought for me.Even though it was for me.

I guess I'm just trying to say my love don't cost a thing..hahahaha. LAME.
Seriously,though..buying fantasy things for someone only gets you so far. In my book at least.
I rather your conservative and knowledge than diamond and pearls.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this guy!
(morning time on the couch)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Banana Blow Job!

hahahah Yeah,I gave a banana head.hahah. I wanted to do something simple yet naughty.
I really get into it and gag a little as I shove it down my throat.
Check out another new video to hit http://www.SynfulDame.com


Hilarious BBW Video!

Preview for 18+ minute video of four super sexy ladies playing in the pool.BBW Gwen,Olivia,Vermillion & Myself.
It's filled with shotgunning beers, belly worshiping and jiggling, motor boating Olivia's boobs, a conversation from the belly twins, a drum solo on Gwen's HUGE ass, bucking bronco butt riding, chicken fights, and a lot of behind the scenes playful girlishness!

Check the preview out here

See the full video on all of our websites

And in other news...

Here are the latest updates to hit http://www.SynfulDame.com
I hope you all enjoy them ... these were both shot by my gal pal,Kelly.
The videos to be uploaded are not videos from the photo shoots.They are more intimate ones I shot later. *wink wink*


Today's random obsession is...

hahaha This doesn't come on tv too much now a days..But,I will always love it! hahahhaah

Ice Cream and Cake. Do the Ice Cream and Cake. Ice Cream and Cake. Do the Ice Cream and Cake!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Good old fashioned...

Here is a video promo I just made! YAY ME! It's for a sexy new video coming to
I go to town stroking my pussy. The camera was so close while filming, that you can see my pussy clenching when I cum. It's so fucking hot! You don't want to miss out on all the naughty new things hitting http://www.SynfulDame.com


Kiss Me

"I usually get kissed before I get fucked."

- Michael Douglas in 1989's Black Rain

Saturday, December 12, 2009


One of my favorite bands.
They are a local band that has a really massive following.Not just locally,but worldwide.
Their live shows are just insane(in a great way of course) and their music is just badass.
I really love how they sample clips from shows,movies,etc. Most all that they use are down right the best fucking quotes ever.

The first song on this video is one of my all time favorites by them.

It tastes like you but sweeter!!

Anna: "We do everything that people who have sex do!"
Larry: "Do you enjoy sucking him off?"
Anna: "Yes!"
Larry: "You like his cock?"
Anna: "I love it!"
Larry: "You like his cum in your face?"
Anna: "Yes!"
Larry: "What does it taste like?"
Anna: "It tastes like you but sweeter!"

Fatty Girls Blog!

Hey guys,
I am the latest feature over @ http://www.fattygirlsblog.com/
This is a great blog.It's always being updated with the freshest and hottest BBW's.
So,I am very honored and pleased to be a part.
Please check it out. =]

And a BIG thank you to Joe for making this possible!!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Good morning!

Another day! Holla holla!


The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day today.
I sure hope it stays that way.


Ms New Booty Video!!

Come watch my new "MsNewBooty" on Fat-Tube @ http://fat-tube.com/view/1379/msnewbooty/

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Latest D.I.Y.

Here's a sample of my latest d.i.y.(photos are unedited) As always I will keep you posted on when you can see the whole shoot on http://www.SynfulDame.com
YAY for new tattoo!! Do you spot it? tehehe


ps - my living room kicks ass!

Yummy Kitty & Doesn't play well with others! LIVE!

I said I'd let you all know when these were live on http://www.SynfulDame.com and they now are!

I felt so hot doing that kitty set.I made drinking milk fucking kinky, boy!!


Where in the hell..

Have I been,right?
I know.But, my computer went to hell on me.
I don't know what the hell happened to it.
I have a new one. ..I don't know much about computers.
I do know this one works hella fast and does what I need it to do.

I also need a new camera.That will be something I know more about.
I'm getting one really soon.
My photographer buddy,Kelly.Her camera is fucked right now.
So, I am stuck doing d.i.y. stuff with my shitty 6MP Kodak.
I can work with anything though.So it's all good.hahah.
Whenever I shoot things myself I seem to be the naughtiest.

Take a look at what I mean.
I shot this update myself. =] I show my bare ass(and sweet pink pussy) all spread out.hehe

like I said..I'm kinda on a d.i.y. spree.

I can't wait until I get my new camera.
The quality will be so much better.Which in return will mean a better
I have great plans for my site.I love having it.It's been almost 2 years. I am ready to step it up to the next level. You will see more of me..ALL of me..In ways that you have never seen before.
Oh but,you wont complain ..I guarantee..teheheheh

I'll be back to posting more.Yippie!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I am helping a friend move pretty much all day.
So,this may just be my only post.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tattooed BBW Ass!

I was bored and just made this short booty video =]


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Right Now..

I am drinking this...

and eating this...
(which are good as fuck!!)

with some of these...

num num

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I finally made one.


So,follow me and all that good stuff.



A dear pal of mine (Skye Doll) has ran a great website for a few years now.
It is dedicated to showing women of all shapes and sizes.Women of all colors and from all walks of life.While the site offers many different looking women.They all share one major trait.
They are all kick ass dames.They aren't the cookie cutter types.They are the strange and unique.The naughty and fierce chicks.The ones your mother warned you about.

I have been working with them since day one.I think what they are doing is a fantastic thing.Showing that women with body mods.,crazy colored hair and outrageous characters are just as beautiful (if not more) as the standard model type chicks.

I am so pleased to announce that I am the featured doll of November!

It was a huge surprise to me.I had no idea I even won.Or was in the running.SO,a big thank you to everyone who voted for me.Winning this brought a big smile to my face.
Ya know,no matter what it is.If I am asked to give a interview or appear on a site.I get so stoked.Still to this day.No matter what it is.I feel so grateful and honored that they thought of me.There are so many wonderful women out there.So when something like this happens.It makes me feel so so special.
To still be in peoples minds after being in the modeling game for almost 3 years.It's a great feeling.
So,mucho thanks to everyone who has supported me.

Be sure to check out http://www.wickeddollz.net/ ,especially if you are into creative/alternative looking pinups.
The site is really active and they are always updating with new models/photos of your already favorite Dollz.

Oh and did I mention its FREE!!

Add the Dollz on myspace also - http://www.myspace.com/wickeddollzinc


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


DIY-Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe the creation, alteration or reparation of something without the aid of experts or professionals.

I went on a d.i.y. spree about 2 weeks ago. hahah ..I love taking my own stuff.I usually do it when I am home alone.I feel the most intimate when I am alone.I can be my naughtiest without feeling a bit shy.heheh. My camera at the moment isn't the best.Though,it is a decent one.It's no web cam or anything.
I can't wait until my birthday (December 31st) because I am getting a bad ass new camera!
So,I was alone for a few days and shot a bunch of sexy photos and videos myself!

I filmed some belly play,booty shaking,baby oiling my boobs and other steaming hot videos.Many unlike you have ever seen me.These previews are whats already live on http://www.synfuldame.com/


Right now...

I am drinking this...
(Mountain Dew)

while watching this...

I got this 4 film feature for 12 bucks!! HELL YEAH!

This is Halloween!

Yeah,my favorite holiday is gone.Having it here just reminds me of how much I love Halloween.I don't even mind the t.v. commercials during the season.They are all spooky and fun.They always show the best old t.v. shows.Like The Munsters and The Addams Family.I just adore it.
I couldn't careless about all the other holidays.Christmas,I hate.Thanksgiving is okay because you get to stuff your face.But,hell I do that shit whenever I want anyways.hahaha.None of them are as rad as Halloween.

Now,nothing beats last years Halloween updates on http://www.synfuldame.com/
There were double updates every week,the entire month of October.I had a fucking blast doing them all! Each update was original and really dug deep into my creativity.
I wasn't able to do that much this year.I have been much more busy than I was then.
However,I'd be DAMNED if I was gonna let this year go by and not do some Halloween stuff.
Yeah right! haha.

(photography by Kelly)
Yummy Kitty

Doesn't play well with others

These aren't live to my website just yet.But,ya know I'll keep you guys posted on when they do.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gaze upon the beauty of creativity!

So,my photographer pal Kelly and I met up again this week.We turned the tables and she was the model. Kelly and I are 100% different looking.She is more the typical model type.She has some insane ass long legs.Is tall and slim.But,Kelly has a booty and that makes her stand out from the other skinny models.That and she likes to do things outside of the box.I had such a good time shooting her. Check out some of what we did.
(editing by Kelly)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can't wait...

I am so excited to see this movie.

I loved the first one.It's an all time favorite of mine.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Look what he made me...

I fucking love it!! teheheh
A cute little bat pumpkin.

(I'll try and get better photos tomorrow or so)


Right now...

I am drinking this...

while listening to this...

and being cold as hell!It's cold!! >.<
I'm also about to make a late lunch for my lover boy & I.

Lordy Lordy have a mercy on me!!

Here is the latest updates to come atcha from http://www.synfuldame.com/

Be sure to stay tuned to the site and my blog for Halloween updates!!
hehehe.They are sure to be creative and sexy all at the same time.


Love...or something like it.

Hello all.
It's my lazy ass getting up in the pm again. hahah.
Well shit,when I don't have school or anything else to do.I sleep in.What can I say?
That and I had some amazing sex last night that made me ass out..ha.
Allow me to gloat for a moment.

The man I am with is amazing in bed.Like,I've only been with a handful of guys and he takes the cake.He gives oral pleasure better than a women.Trust me I know.haha.I've been with my fair share of them..hehe.But,let me tell ya. I don't know where the hell he learned how to eat pussy..GOOD GOD! *shivers* The man deserves a fucking award for his skills.
I've never been with someone that gets me off like he does.
It's magical.

I adore this man for so many other reasons as well.
He is thoughtful,kind,chubby(hehe),tattooed,intelligent,an artist,gorgeous!
He is my perfect man. He takes care of me and supports me in whatever I want to do.
He laughs at my lame jokes and we watch the best/worst b movies together all cuddled up in the bed.
It's love.

I cook for him and no matter how bad it is he eats it.

Love is a funny thing to me.I feel many people think they are in love but mistake it for another emotion.Like being lonely.
When I feel in love with the guy I'm with..To be honest,I was with another guy..My,what I thought was best friend.We had been together nearly 7 years.Our relationship worked because we were so open with each other.My feelings for him were strong and rare.But,they weren't the feelings I had/have for the man I am with now. The moment I felt something between this other guy and I.I let it be known.The moment.I didn't once try to hind this.I was feeling something and I wanted to be honest with everyone involved.I had never felt something so strong.There I was in a what I thought a strong relationship..and now I'm connecting with someone else,who I just met...It was crazy for me.The most insane time of my life.

So, it really made me think about love.
I had so many questions about it.
How do you know you're in love?
How long does it last? How do you even make it last?
Ya know,do you and the other person need to share things in common??
Share friends?

Everything went through my mind about it at that time.
Probably,because not only was I going through this hard time.Which eventually turned into a break up.It was a time when my whole world flipped.
Everyone I knew in the 7+ years of being with one man.Were more or less siding with him.
For lack of a better word. All our friends became just his.
All because I didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore.I say that because we dated for 7 years but before were just friends for years.He was married to someone else.Ya know.
We were so just friends. When we got together romantically ...it was so just going with the flow.
Things happened on top of other things that landed us in each others lives for awhile.For me,I was never in love with him.Yes,I loved him.But it wasn't the kind of love I needed.
To the outside world our relationship was perfect.That's why it was such a big shock when everyone found out we had split.
I was the bad guy though.People change and break-up all the time.But,it happened to me and everyone turned on me.
They would say they still liked me..They would do they whole myspace me comments and shit like that.But,not a one of them called me or anything.Going from seeing you daily in person...to not even a real life phone call,sucks.Anyone in my position would have felt the same way.
Ya know,some of them I wasn't surprised.They went with whomever and whatever the others went with.
But, some.Who were close with me.I let in my home and family.It hurt.I never knew why they did that.I knew I may have hurt their pal...but was I not something to them?
Was I not a friend? Had they been lying to me for years about being best friends?
It was taking over my life.Thinking about these people.

Until one day I woke up and was like fuck it.If I really never meant anything to them and they were putting up a front.I want nothing to do with people like that.So it was easy for me to say fuck them.I said my last words to them all and haven't looked back.

Here it is almost 2 years later and I am happier than I have ever been before.
I rather have 1 or 2 true friends than 100 fake ones.
I rather have 1 true love of my life than 100 maybes.
I'd give up everything for the life I have now.
I leave you with photos of me and my beau.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cannot live without it.

True story.
Just thought I'd share that.
This leaves your lips so smooth and creamy..also leaves just a little hint of color.
I haven't lived without this shit in like 8 years.



So, I just made an account over at one of my favorite websites.
I plan to edit photos of myself or photos I have taken,and share them on the site.
It's still very new.So bare with me while I get it up to date.

Check it out.

Good Morning!

Ello all.
My lazy ass just got up and here it is after 2pm.
Now that's what I call a "Lazy Sunday". I enjoy sleeping in but it doesn't help my insomnia any.
Now,I'll be up til 7am instead of 3. hahah.

Well,I just wanted to make a quickie.
I'm about to jump in the shower and get my day started.
Not that I have any plans for today.
I have to return some movies and that's about it.

I know,I'm living the craaaaaazy life.Huh?


Saturday, October 24, 2009

I want this shirt.



Whats for lunch?


Ham & Pineapple Pizza.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

What is your favorite thing to drink?

I enjoy a nice,big glass of Iced Tea.I make some DAMN good sweet tea.
As far as sodas are concerned.I like Sprite,Mountain Dew and Dr.Pepper.
I'm not beyond drinking some good old fashioned H2O,either.I love the stuff.

I guess I'm just thristy..haha >.<

Friday, October 23, 2009

Song of the moment!

Gwar - Sick of You.

Right now..

I am eating this...

and listening to this...

while browsing this website..
The Fat Forums #1 Adult BBW Community!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random movie quote

"I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. "

-Patrick Batemen
American Psycho

Friday, October 16, 2009

About the other day...

So, I made a post a few days ago and said something about writing again that night.
Well, my gal pal came over and she brought PBR...so basically that means FUCK YOU!
hahhhaha Just kiddin'.But, ya know what I mean.
We had a pretty awesome night.We drank a little and played some WI..is that how you spell it?
I don't play video games much.I'm a movie buff myself.But,I really dig that system.
We bowled and played some bricks game.
Good times.
After getting home,I was a little tipsy and decided to make some sexy videos.
I wanted to share some little preview thingies I made just for my blog..tehehe.
(not all videos were shot that day)

I'll keep you all posted on when these videos go live.
I must say .. aside from making my very first eating video...I made my naughtiest ones yet.
SO naughty in fact, I can't even put into words. Nor will I be posting a free preview of em'.
*evil grin*
You must be a member of http://www.SynfulDame.com to see them.
Until then, here are some random shots from just a few of the other videos.
(yes, I gave a banana a blow job..hahahahah)