Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy busy


Oh man,
I have been so fucking busy lately. I don't even know where to begin.
Being that I am doing double updates each week for the entire month of October.
I have been doing photo shoots 3 or more times a week..& I'm not just talking one every time I shoot.
On top of getting a back log of sets for October..I have to send in "regular" updates each week until next month..hahah..I say "regular" because for October the sets will be more Halloween or Darker themed.
heehehehh..I have some great stuff up my tattooed,freckled sleeves..hahahah.

SO,on top of that..I've been partying like it's no ones business.
I feel like I'm in Vegas and have never left..hahha. I came home from Vegas in July..Since then the response from people on my modeling thing has increased amazingly.I am so stoked to see more and more people liking my look and some what artistic material more then straight up porn.
No, I am not fucking myself or anyone else in my material...but I feel if you have such a creative mind,like mine, you can think of better things to do and still get people "off"..or whatever you are trying to get.
-NOTE that I don't have shit against Porn whatca do..I love Porn!!-

Being I am not in this for the money..I feel I can do whatever the hell I want..That and I have a awesome webmaster that lets me explore all my wild sides and isn't all on my ass if I don't have 100 sales a week.
Some people may think if I'm not in this for the money I shouldn't be in it...or Since I don't do hardcore the money will only last for so long ...I don't know.
I don't give a shit what other people think.
I don't ever feel like I have to do something that isn't me or isn't for me. & having that feeling in this business is a great feeling.
I have been told I needed to do this,show that or I don't have that look....That's fine..
I know I am not for everyone. But I am me and someone is going to like that.
I'd take 5 real,true "fans" over 1000 fake ones any day. Fake ones being the people who don't know why they like something..they are just going on whatever everyone else is saying or doing.
I don't need big time modeling company,no website or magazine telling me I don't have it just because I'm not what they like.
Most all companies know what their consumers like...if I am not it I do not blame me for not being that.I do not hold anything against the companies I am not for.
It is what it is people.Bottom line.
You live & you learn.

Anyways,back to me partying..hahahah...Good stuff.
I've been thinking of doing a little party promoting and maybe taking some business marketing and promoting courses.
I've always really been able to talk with people..and party of course.

Welp, that's all I can think of for now folks.

I leave you with some of my website updates.
Join this biotch and bask in all my awesomeness and shenanigans.
Oh and I'm dead sexy too..heheheh.there is another reason to join.hah.


celestialcuming said...

I love what you've said here! Do your thing girl!!!

Synful Dame said...

teheheh thank you.