Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I wanted to dedicate a blog to this amazing website.
Fuck you if you think this is just because I am apart of it.I would be ME with or without this particular website..may just have taken a little longer.ha.
I am insanely impressed with this website.From the models to the designer and beyond.
Everyone involved with this website is truly awesome.
If you have been around me or if you have heard of me you know I speak my mind.
Sometimes that gets drama started ..Some of which I'm not particularly proud of.
But you live and learn.
Drama free is the way to be.
Within the short 5ish months I've been working with The Plumps Dolls I haven't had one fucking ounce of DRAMA!! That is sweet.
We are all fucking adults and don't talk internet shit.
The ones I've met in PERSON are just as stellar as I thought they'd be.

If you haven't visited this website DO SO NOW!
It WILL be changing the way plus sized women are viewed.MANY of the "Plump Dolls" are tattooed and pierced.Some have insane colored hair or outrageous photo sets.These women are NOT afraid to think outside the box or "mainstream".For that I feel honored to be apart of this.

The owners are multi talented.They take photos,videos,do editing,make all kinds of graphics,websites and so on.They are helpful and kind.They give you 100% what YOU want in every way.They are open minded and applaud the "strange and unique".
It takes balls to do what these folks are doing.
I love people with BALLS..haha..I just had to say that.haha.

I know MANY of the people in this "industry" of adult modeling..Erotica..BBW modeling..Porn..whatever the fuck you want to call it...Many may say their not in it for the money and they truly be..Some openly say its just about the money..
But others just have a love for art or however you take it.
Its the ones with the true passion of making a change that make this even more worth wild.
Money is always good..But if thats all your in this for I'd think you'd get sick sooner or later.
It'll just be the same lame old shit over and over again to you.
We see it happening all the time.One minute someones on the top of the "modeling " world and the next they've quit and blah blah blah.
True artist will ALWAYS make something beautiful in their own way.
It's not something you turn on and off or get bored of. This is just all my opinion ..But you are reading MY blog.

Anyways..I'm getting off topic here.

I just wanted to give some shout outs and link some rad websites for you all to check out.

The Official Plump Doll's Website

The wonderful people who make Plump Dolls possible

Plump Doll's Photo & Video Blog


The Plump Doll's Social Network

The Official Plump Doll's Myspace Page

Plump Doll's on Suicide XL

The Dolls:

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sbcat said...

Awesome post Synful. Props out to ALL the dolls. As well as to Hot Light Studios. I am excited to see what you all have in store for us.. I love reading your posts girl, keep on growing and keeping it real..