Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My hate/love relationship with photo editing.

I must rant.

Ok, I can totally understand why if you are selling a "product" or whatever why you'd edit something to make it "looks it's best".
You may think that you are charging people to see this or buy that so you should give them 100% greatness.But when you edit something so much to where it doesn't even look like it does in "real life"..That is simply NOT REAL.It's fake.Period.

I admit I clean up a pimple here or sharpen the lighten there in my material.
But I leave in the REALNESS..I have stretch marks,gaped teeth,cellulite and other natural things.I am a pale fat girl.That sometimes is horrible photographing.
Sometimes my ass is so white it is blinging!..But that is ME and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I don't understand how someone can be a confident model and think so little of themselves they have to nip and tuck every little flaw photo shop style.
Plus sized companies editing magazines and other social seen material to make the fat girl look better?..No it's not real. If you say your fans want to see the stretch marks and realness of a full women.LEAVE THEM THERE! They want to see just that.
In the fine words of Mr.Kat Williams "We ain't got time to be worrying about some damn stretch marks..We know it came from either one of 2 things.Either your ass was big and got small..or you was small and got big".
Fucking here here! That's REAL.

So damn many people bash on the mainstream and other things for making women and little girls feel bad about being themselves.For so long the media made realness so fucking fake thats what everyone thought real was.
You have people starving themselves to lose weight.Plastic fucking surgery to get this other persons nose.
What the fuck man!

Why can't we promote self love and how to accept that no one is perfect?
That's what we need to see more of.
All sized media.All fashions,colors,shapes,looks,feels.

Why the fuck would I want blue eyes when my eyes are green? And who in the hell in real life has PURPLE eyes?..Come on now.& If you do have Purple eyes..How are they that one day,green the next and blue another??...NOT!
When you people that over edit your material are doing it do you not think people can see the random BLUR here or there on your leg or something?..Or that your hair just happens to be ever so insanely smooth not real.
I guess what they say is true.."Stupid people think you are as stupid as they are".
NOW NOW before you get your panties in a woad know that I am not saying everyone who edited their shit is stupid.
I'm just saying...If it's too good to be true and it LOOKS too perfect..It probably is PHOTO SHOPPED!!
The new aged look to everything.


How could you go out in the real world after spending hours photo shopping yourself? You surely will look some what different..If not totally fucking different.

I can understand we ALL look different without the makeup done or hair done.
But if you cant leave your house with out a gallon of makeup on,fake eyelashes,a fucking wig(excluding if you are bald or something..haa)on that seems like a horrible way to "live".

Confidence is THE sexiest thing in the world.
You can be real..rock out with your pimples or wrinkles out and be hot shit..IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HOT SHIT!! That is the key.
If your confidence comes from you getting comments from other people..Then thats not confidence.Get it right!!
YOU are the only one that should have to accept you.
If you can truly love yourself and not give a fuck what others think of you in ALL faces of life(makeup and natural),then you are truly confident.
If you can carry the "I am the shit" attitude with you from makeup to natural ..You are beautiful.You have "IT".

Anyone can look like a superstar with photo editing.
How much of it is REAL? The world will never know.

At least until we start the REAL MOVEMENT.


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