Thursday, July 31, 2008


Without going into extreme details I would like to share something with you all.
I have only been modeling for what I think is a short time.
Since early 2007..And I take in my home or outside,ALL MY OWN MATERIAL.
I don't have anyone helping me other then my old man shooting the stuff.
WE put our ALL into this because WE LOVE it and have a passion for showing the world a different side of being a fat girl.
The alternative styled BBW,the tattooed & pierced big gals.
I have always been a fat girl..I have always been PROUD of me being different and "alternative looking".
This is me.
All I want in this modeling thing is to break down the doors that you HAVE to look like this skinny plain Jane or this FAKE Barbie
to be BEAUTIFUL.To show a new and just as important beauty.
I dont need this to feel beautiful..I do this to SHOW BEAUTY.MY beauty..Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way!!That is the main thing that separates each and every one of us.
In this short time I have been lubed up for a while then just FUCKED in the fucking ass by too many HATERS!!

Thats ALL they are because they DONT KNOW ME..WE have never met ...never spoke on a phone..Nothing but internet brew ha ha.
People go on these hating sprees for whatever reason..they get all their other puppets from myspace land thinking they are soo right...Now we must hate whatever and whomever they are.
Why can we just be happy for one another and support us as a whole fucking nation.?
Jealously is UGLY.

Anyways..I'm getting off topic.
Someone thought our websites(yeah the one I justed had revamped less then 24hours ago) looked too much alike and went on a legal rant.
One that is very inappropriate and down right stupid.
Luckily, for me I am NOW working with people who know what the fuck they are doing and that really do GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ME!
My web designer had never seen this other persons website..I gave him a idea of what I wanted and he made it from scratch. Out of shapes and other things that NO ONE OWNS.Its free to use.
Just because we share some similar interest doesn't have anything to do with you and your website..MILLIONS of sites use this or that that is the same.Popular sayings,colors,designs.
If you don't own the rights to whatever you are using..Just like you used it,anyone else can as well.

I was a little (and only that) hurt to hear this person thinking our sites were too similar for their own comfort(that statement alone makes this person seem like they are ALL about them) was someone on my myspace friends list.Which is funny..because my myspace background I made PERSONALLY when I opened the myspace FOR ME.I LOVE these colors and rays..SO fucking what?..Some people like polka dots,triangles....what the fuck ever..I LIKE STRIPES AND RAYS!
IF you are on my list to just be sneaky or spy..Thats sad.
If you think I am copying you..Stick around and stalk me some more..You'll be surpirsed at how much I am my own person.
EVERYONE shares something in common with another person.
May only be 1 or 3 or 10 things...But NO ONE is as original as they think..IF you think you are something special then show us..Fight it and be YOU to the end.
Thats what Im here to do.

I'm making waves now and the haters want to ride em'.
Ride away haters..ride away.
The old me would have gave this person a piece of my mind and make a big internet retarded fight..but the new me is just sitting back and enjoying my goddamn life.
Life is too damn short to be worrying about some damn haters.

I am one of the most respectable bitches you will ever meet....But you may never know that from myspace or internet land..Come at me in real life and see what's up.

Now here is the Mr. Kat Williams on this fine subject.
Katt Williams on Haters


Kyla said...

OMG Synful I am so sorry this tell then where to go and how to get there! I for one think your very original in every way shape and form *cheesy Smile* Keep up the great work

sbcat said...

I have know and walked with many different types of people in life, and you my dear Dame are one of a kind.. You are growing everyday as a model and a person. You passion and drive is there in your work..

The background may have been similar, but NO ONE is like you my sassy goth lady... Keep making waves, I will bring sunscreen and towels, maybe some more Pabst ;) Big hugs

Synful Dame said...

Awww Thanks Kyla for all your support!! You are a kind women..& hot!!
hah Thank you for being behind everything my crazy ass does.

sbcat,who are you???..hahah I am having a brain fart(if I do know you and If I don't I want too).
Thank you for the nice words.It really means A LOT to me when people actually read what I have to say and make comments that are right on the money.
I will kindly take that sunscreen,towels and maybe some more Pabst from you any day.
Thank you for the awesome support dude.