Sunday, June 15, 2008

Erotic Writing - Ménage à trois

It happened to me the first time when I was only 18 years old.
I developed this relationship with a guy and his wife.We took some cocaine and began just at first kissing each other.Then I started eating her pussy and the guy was fucking me from behind.This was my first 3 some and I was loving it.
As he fucked me harder,I was shoving this big dildo is his wives wet pussy.
Then it was my turn.She started eating my pussy and taking her husbands hard dick.She had a little purple vibrating bullet rubbing it all over my pussy while she was sucking on my wet lips.
Her husband took her and they started going at it,just the 2 of them.I watched and masturbated.All of a sudden she wanted him to fuck me as she watched and fucked herself with the bullet.We began fucking in a missionary position.
His hard dick pounding my tight young pussy.His wife came over and started sucking on my tits.This all felt amazing.I just licked my lips with pleasure.
As I moaned,he slid his dick out of my pussy and got some ice.With his wife still sucking my tits.He started rubbing wet cold ice all over my throbbing pussy.
He stuck one finger in my warm soaked cunt,then 2.
Suddenly, he dug his face in my pussy and started eating it like he was in a pie eating contest.With the 2 fingers in my pussy,a face chomping,slurping and sucking I began twitching uncontrollably.I never felt anything like this.
His fingers pushing deeper and harder.I suddenly came.I let out a loud moan "OOOoOOOOOOH!!".Juices poured out of my pussy onto his fingers still in my thrusting pussy.He pulled his fingers out and gave a big grin.
I soon realized that was no ordinary orgasm.I just squirted for the first time.
(See "Erotic Writing - Female Ejaculation" for writings on this subject.

A few week later with the same guy(who had an open marriage) we were hanging out with this other guy, having some drinks.I was sexually involved with this other guy month earlier and he was just a fuck buddy really.
We were all on this big trampoline in my backyard.After having many drink we were all feeling pretty good.I initiated a threesome.I just came right out with it and told the guys to pull their pants down I wanted to suck their dicks.
Both jumped to it. I began sucking one and giving the other a hand job.Back and forth I switched from cock to cock,sucking and rubbing.The guys were touching me all over and kissing me.It felt so good.I said to them " you guys like that"?
They each let out a very excited "Yes".
After sucking each cock hard as a rock.We all took off our clothing.
Right there on the trampoline.It was a beautiful spring night and we we're about to get freaky.
One of the guys pulled my naked ass right towards him.The other guy laying naked on the side of the trampoline.A bit intimidated if you ask me.I told the other guy to come over to us and I began sucking his dick more while the other guy was fucking me from behind.At one point I was getting plowed so hard I couldn't even suck the other cock. I just moaned,rubbing the dick all over my mouth.Saliva was everywhere.It was so fucking hot.
Next the guys switched up and the other guy got behind me.He was definitely intimidated.The hard cock I was just sucking on went away when it came his time to fuck me.He said it was because he fucked or had a blow job earlier that day,one of the two.
But the other guy and I knew it was from us.While sucking the intimidated guys dick the other guy was fucking the hell out of my pussy.He had the bigger dick too.
So we moved to this little building that I had in the backyard.
There was a couch and some chairs in there.We all went over to the couch.
One guy sat down (the one that could keep it up),I sat on top of him lap.
I slid his hard dick in my warm,wet pussy.
After letting out a soft moan from his big cock pushing in my tight pussy.
I told the other guy to go around the couch and come to my face.I put his soft cock in my mouth and it began to get hard with the quickness.
Sucking,in and out..Licking and nibbling his dick while riding the other guys lap.
It was a greaaat time.
After a while I stopped sucking and that guy jacked off while watching the other guy and I fuck intensely.
With me on his lap he took his arm up and around my shoulders.Pushing my body hard on his body already pumping hard up towards me.We fucked hard and rough.Both of us sweating.I could feel the orgasm coming.He reached around to my hair while shoving his cock in my pussy and pulled it a little.Then harder.
I finally exploded with a huge orgasm.I let out a loud scream of excitement.
I could feel my pussy clinching on his dick.He then said "get on your knees and open your mouth". I did. He came in my mouth and I swallowed his thick warm cum.