Saturday, April 5, 2008

Modeling/Weight Rant

What the fuck is it with all these chicks wanting to lose weight??
If you are a fat chick and say you are soooooo confident in being just that.Then why is it you(and I just speak of anyone in this boat) want to go on a diet?I understand some people must lose weight for health issues.
But why is it that a once "confident" fat girl who's now skinny wants to diss on fat people? I fucking can not stand that!!
Ive seen this happen oh so many times...All I can think is that person WAS NOT as confident as they lead everyone to believe.
Skinny doesn't = beautiful!!

Some damn people LOOK BETTER BIGGER!!

I seen plus size models that say they HATE this or that about their bodies..Thinking surgery would make this or that better.
I think to myself..WOW..This person really models?.Why?...Im sorry but any idol for any type of person should be confident as hell.You are there to ROCK whatever you are.Not just for you but for everyone in that category.
If you don't like yourself,then why the hell are you modeling?
You are suppose to be giving whatever you are modeling a good name.
NOW I understand no one is perfect!!!!! I think its great when people accept that and their flaws.Its a beautiful thing.
I just feel that if you are a model..Especially one that gets nude..You should LOVE every inch of your body..This roll, that mole..Everything.

I must say tho. I am guilty of editing,but not to the point where I'm not real.
Like if we were to actually met I'd look the same as my picture.
Most everyone says they don't like a fake bitch..
At the same time if you are charging people to see your material..You want them to get the BEST of.At least I know I do.
Unfortunately,the media has everyone thinking these stars are flawless..WRONG...
I don't feel that a great model or porn star is the one with the most makeup on or their hair did up the most.Or the most plastic surgery.
I personally feel that your emotion is what makes you a great model or not.
That's what it is all about anyways right? Modeling..To model something...
Shit even if its just a smile..I see sooooooo many models never smiling or showing emotion.That KILLS me! DO SOMETHING MAN!!
Its just the same face 50 times..all it is I'M GETTING NAKED!!

I think I'm done here.
Just a quickie.


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