Friday, April 11, 2008

Erotic Writing - Anal

I went to a party when I was about 15 and seen this guy I thought looked just Like Johnathan Davis.You know from the band Korn.God,I loved him back in the day.I think he was even the very first guy I ever fantasied about while touching myself.Anyways,I seen this guy and thought to myself "Im fucking him tonight".Yeah,I was a horn ball at a young age.I also looked and acted much older.So I got away with telling people I was 17-18.
So he comes in,Im nice and drunk,we hit it off.I went home with him,both of us were drunk as hell.We got in his place and started fucking.It started so fast and was so intense and hard.It felt so good.He was flipping and tossing my thick ass all over the place.Putting me in positions I'd never been in.Hell,I had only been with about 2 people before this.Needless to say I wasn't very experienced.And so tight.He was fucking me so hard my pussy hurt.
I was laying on my back with him holding my right leg in the air.He started fucking my tight pussy harder and harder.I was screaming so loud.It felt so good.I could feel my pussy throbbing.
Then all of a sudden he pulled out of my pussy and stuck his dick in my ass.He just did it.
So fast and forceful I couldnt resist.It hurt my virgin ass.I was so wasted I didn't even care.
I surely didn't want the guy to know I was inexperienced.I laid there and took it.Him pounding his hard cock in and out of my young tight ass.
Finally he came,all over my stomach.While the sex was hard the way I liked it.It seemed to go by so fast.I didn't cum.I never had when I was that age.I didnt have my first real orgasm until I was about 17.
So that was my first time having anal sex.My ass hurt for a week after that.
For the longest time I thought anal sex was nasty.I often said "its a exit not a entrance". The anal sex I had when I was younger didn't really turn me on.
Years went by and when I was 18 with my ex boyfriend once I let him finger and play with my
ass.He put lotion on his finger and stuck it in and out just a few times.It was really uncomfortable for me.I don't think the lotion was helping at all.With the same guy a few months later I let him fuck my ass for his birthday.His cock was really small(and I mean SMALL) so I really don't recall it being uncomfortable or painful.I actually found myself enjoying it just a bit.It was still more weird to me then anything.He was slow and gentle.He smacked my ass the way I liked it.
It at that time became something I could see me liking.
A few more years past without me doing anal.I was now with a guy that wanted to do it.I told him it wasnt something I've done too much but I'd do it.One night he asked if he could while we were fucking missionary.I said yes and it stuck it in raw.His cock was barely in and it hurt so bad.I jumped back a bit and his cock pulled out of my ass quickly.I moaned and told him softly "baby that hurts".So we went back to pussy. His cock was way bigger then the last guy.My new guys dick wasnt too long but it was really thick.So I could see why it hurt so much.
As time past I found myself thinking more and more about anal sex.I was actually wanting it.
We stopped by a store on the way home one night and got some lube.I heard that makes things a lot easier.So one night after a few beers.I was feeling a little kinky.During foreplay I had my man take the lube and a small finger to my ass.He went slowly and it felt so so good.He ate my pussy and played with my ass.I just threw my head back and enjoyed.For the first time I was really getting into this.Then we tried his cock again.While it still hurt.The lube helped so much.I laid there with my ass up and face down taking his cock in my ass.He got it all in.I felt the push and pressure.I tried not to get too tense.He pushed and pumped a few more times before nutting in my asshole.He moaned so loud.MmM.
After that I began to get in more moods to have anal.One night while fooling around I ask my boyfriend to take my small vibrator,lube it up and try that in my ass.That was rather long but a bit thin.It felt real good.I was on all fours.He then pushed my ass up a little and stuck his cock in my pussy.He was still easing the vibrator in and out of my ass.This was the first time I had double penetration.Oh,it was sooo amazing.I just laid their moaning and biting my lip.Pushing my ass back on his cock and the vibrator I came.The orgasm I had was like no other.It seemed more intense and longer.He removed the vibrator from my ass and began fucking my pussy very hard.I screamed and moaned from just cumming and now having his cock inside my tight thrusting pussy felt so goddamn great.
So then came the first time I ever masturbated and fucked my ass.This happened for the first time a few weeks ago.I was all alone and had been watching hardcore porn,while I felt the urge to masturbate.As I often do.I went into my bedroom and made my bed.I have no clue why.I just felt like it.A nice clean place to do dirty things.So I reached down into my "sex draw" and pulled out my vibrator and the lube.I felt in the mood for ass play.I began just touching my pussy and rubbing my tits.Then I turned on my vibrator and started stroking my wet pussy with it.Harder and harder.Then I turned around and got on my knees.I put my ass in the air and my face down on the bed.I took the lubed up vibrator in my left hand and reached back to my ass.I slowly put the buzzing vibrator in my ass.I had to give it a nice push in.With the help of all the lube I put on it the thing slipped in quite nicely.I moaned and relaxed.Laid my head down a bit more and gently pulled and pushed the toy.With my other hand I reached down and rubbed my clit.This felt so fucking good.I was so excited that I was doing this.Everything down there felt warm and wet.I began to rub my pussy faster and faster.Pushing the vibrator as far in my ass as it would go.I could feel it deep inside me.With more strokes I came.As my body clinched from the orgasm.My ass spit out the toy.I let my legs back and just stretched out.My whole body still twitching from the orgasm.I thought to myself "why did it take me so long to start enjoying that".


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