Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a little update...

So,its been a little over a month since my solo website opened.
The feeling of this finally happening is indescribable.
I may talk about this A LOT,but for this to be where I am and I've only been in this game for less then 2 years...I'm fucking ecstatic...Each set I do I feel I am getting better and better..V
ideos on the other hand..I SUCK at...But unlike photos,that is REALLY new to me...I'll get the hang of it and my videos with be just as awesome as my photos..Right now,I KNOW my videos can be better...Shit I've never even talked in one yet.I feel like who the hell am I talking too..Start laughing and its CUT!! hahah..I like to shake my ass..Thats 90% of my videos right now.hahaha..

I'm just really thankful.I want to let everyone who sees this know how thankful I am..Even if its only a myspace add and you check me out..Thats awesome,thank you.

I plan to be doing this for years..I know models that have been here for yearssssssssssss...and I think to just imagine where I'll be in that many years...I can't wait!

I did a interview a while back and got asked a really great question..I think about that..and this blog I read somewhere, everyday.
Why? These 2 things changed me FULLY on this industry...
hatever the fuck you want to call it.
It made me more wise to many things.I admit I was a bit stupid in the beginning of all this..
I wouldn't take it back for nothing because it made me who I am today.
I am always grateful for change and learning new things..Even if I have to lose some decent people in myspace world because of it.

The website is going to be changing soon...New material is on the horizon..
I will..*drum roll please*........BE SHOWING VAG!!!!!!....
YEEEEP, you heard me right. If you want to see any little piece I'm showing you will have to be a member of my site..No samples or promo pictures with it on there (unless you are a member of forums I post at).
I am still not doing any hardcore material..Don't think you will see that there.
I have recently done some fetish material I just find necessary to show more.
And for anyone thinking negatively on this matter...Its really none of your business and it will STILL be the most tasteful puss shots anyone has ever seen.
Damn right.
I will also like to add..I will never be a Torrid model or something else mainstream like that...F
or many reasons.
So Ima do what I can do to the fullest.
The end on that.

I want to thank everyone who has joined the site so far.
It is still really new and I can understand if some people don't want to join it right now..Someday the price with be the same for 300% more content..
I'm still really new..I know I'm not going to be anything great over night..Or over month..
Nevertheless,thank you all who have joined...It means the world to me for this site to be doing business..
Not for the money..I could really care less about that..But I have other people that have worked really hard on this.I have also worked really hard for this and update weekly...So it is worth pa
ying for..And I mean you do get to see me buck ass naked..Thats a small price to pay in my world.
I have so many plans for this site and they have only JUST begun.
Soon the videos will be longer and more detailed & the sets will contain larger amounts of photos.
Practice makes perfect.

thats all for this little update.

Thanks for reading.


A lil sneak peep of my newest set (not live yet)

Monday, March 10, 2008


So,I've just made this thing.
I plan to rant here.hahah among other things.
Be back later to say some more stuff.