Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Update

Ello Folks,
I haven't posted in sometime...I am still pretty busy with my awesome life.
It's OCTOBER !!! (will be in 40mins ish) ....I love October.The weather,smell,colors,Holiday...everything.
So I wanted to drop in and share some website updates.
The Plump Dolls have their very own YouTube account now.
Check that out and see some sexy videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/PlumpDolls

As far as my website..Everything is still lovely and October is the month to join for sure.
It just doesn't get any better than doubling what you receive as a member for the same price.
Here are the latest updates on www.SynfulDame.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

SXL Magazine

I am honored to say that I am the very FIRST pinup to be featured in the very FIRST issue of SXL Magazine. A magazine I can see growing into something outstanding!
If you haven't heard of SXL head on over to http://suicidexl.com/
and check these fine folks out!
Sadly,the first issue is already SOLD OUT!

Nevertheless...check them out!!
& A Big thank you to everyone at SXL!!! MUCH LOVE!

Busy busy


Oh man,
I have been so fucking busy lately. I don't even know where to begin.
Being that I am doing double updates each week for the entire month of October.
I have been doing photo shoots 3 or more times a week..& I'm not just talking one every time I shoot.
On top of getting a back log of sets for October..I have to send in "regular" updates each week until next month..hahah..I say "regular" because for October the sets will be more Halloween or Darker themed.
heehehehh..I have some great stuff up my tattooed,freckled sleeves..hahahah.

SO,on top of that..I've been partying like it's no ones business.
I feel like I'm in Vegas and have never left..hahha. I came home from Vegas in July..Since then the response from people on my modeling thing has increased amazingly.I am so stoked to see more and more people liking my look and some what artistic material more then straight up porn.
No, I am not fucking myself or anyone else in my material...but I feel if you have such a creative mind,like mine, you can think of better things to do and still get people "off"..or whatever you are trying to get.
-NOTE that I don't have shit against Porn Stars..do whatca do..I love Porn!!-

Being I am not in this for the money..I feel I can do whatever the hell I want..That and I have a awesome webmaster that lets me explore all my wild sides and isn't all on my ass if I don't have 100 sales a week.
Some people may think if I'm not in this for the money I shouldn't be in it...or Since I don't do hardcore the money will only last for so long ...I don't know.
I don't give a shit what other people think.
I don't ever feel like I have to do something that isn't me or isn't for me. & having that feeling in this business is a great feeling.
I have been told I needed to do this,show that or I don't have that look....That's fine..
I know I am not for everyone. But I am me and someone is going to like that.
I'd take 5 real,true "fans" over 1000 fake ones any day. Fake ones being the people who don't know why they like something..they are just going on whatever everyone else is saying or doing.
I don't need ANYONE...no big time modeling company,no website or magazine telling me I don't have it just because I'm not what they like.
Most all companies know what their consumers like...if I am not it I do not blame me for not being that.I do not hold anything against the companies I am not for.
It is what it is people.Bottom line.
You live & you learn.

Anyways,back to me partying..hahahah...Good stuff.
I've been thinking of doing a little party promoting and maybe taking some business marketing and promoting courses.
I've always really been able to talk with people..and party of course.

Welp, that's all I can think of for now folks.

I leave you with some of my website updates.
Join this biotch www.SynfulDame.com and bask in all my awesomeness and shenanigans.
Oh and I'm dead sexy too..heheheh.there is another reason to join.hah.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clown Pussy

Who the fuck else do you think would do some shit like this?

You've gotta love me!

I'd have to say things like this..as far as the insanely creative shit, is my favorite style to do.
It's like clown porn..The shoot got way more graphic..haha...I don't want to reveal too much now..ha.

I'll keep you all posted on when this set go's live on www.SynfulDame.com

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's not real...I make the best fake blood..and it taste just like chocalate syrup..mmmmm. Check out a preview of some more October stuff to come to SynfulDame.com

Friday, August 8, 2008

Christian Bale in American Psycho

Anyone who knows me knows my insane love for gore and horror flicks.
I also really adore me a hefty sized man.
Oh,but Christian Bale is one exception I wouldn't mind all damn day long.
Every time I watch "American Psycho" my pussy just gets moist and starts to clinch and release
I can't watch anything he does without thinking of him covered in blood with that killer smile of his (hehehh pun intended..hah).

mmmMMm feast your eyes.

Simple Bondage

*evil grin*
I love to get tied down and ....have pictures snapped of me..hehehh..and I can think of some other things.MANY other things.But,we'll save that for an erotic writing of some sort..
We just got through with a really simple but artistic (if you ask me) shoot.
We shot a REALLY cool video to go with it.It was filmed with a strobe light on and its just me moaning and all taped up.It's really hot in that horror movie type way.hehehe

Have a sneak peep.

(I'll keep you posted when this set go's live)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kick ass article on ME

Hey Everyone,
I had the honer of having this kick ass writer write a piece on ME!
Check it out!!

October Dame

I have decided that the entire month of October I will be doing DOUBLE updates each week!

I have already started shooting "Halloween" sets.

Check out what I have so far.
(as always I will let you know when this stuff gos live on my website)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Retro Fatty LIVE

I love the way this updated turned out..It has a 70ish feel to it.
Comes with one hell of a video too...My best so far if you ask me :ok:

See more at

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Music Playlist

I listen to many many different kinds of music.
Check it out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Retro Fatty

I did a shoot lastnight that I think is so damn stellar.
It's like 70's boss lady style.We also shot a pretty long and completely different styled video.
It is my favorite by far.
This set isn't live on my website just yet...I'll let you all know when.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Without going into extreme details I would like to share something with you all.
I have only been modeling for what I think is a short time.
Since early 2007..And I take in my home or outside,ALL MY OWN MATERIAL.
I don't have anyone helping me other then my old man shooting the stuff.
WE put our ALL into this because WE LOVE it and have a passion for showing the world a different side of being a fat girl.
The alternative styled BBW,the tattooed & pierced big gals.
I have always been a fat girl..I have always been PROUD of me being different and "alternative looking".
This is me.
All I want in this modeling thing is to break down the doors that you HAVE to look like this skinny plain Jane or this FAKE Barbie
to be BEAUTIFUL.To show a new and just as important beauty.
I dont need this to feel beautiful..I do this to SHOW BEAUTY.MY beauty..Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way!!That is the main thing that separates each and every one of us.
In this short time I have been lubed up for a while then just FUCKED in the fucking ass by too many HATERS!!

Thats ALL they are because they DONT KNOW ME..WE have never met ...never spoke on a phone..Nothing but internet brew ha ha.
People go on these hating sprees for whatever reason..they get all their other puppets from myspace land thinking they are soo right...Now we must hate whatever and whomever they are.
Why can we just be happy for one another and support us as a whole fucking nation.?
Jealously is UGLY.

Anyways..I'm getting off topic.
Someone thought our websites(yeah the one I justed had revamped less then 24hours ago) looked too much alike and went on a legal rant.
One that is very inappropriate and down right stupid.
Luckily, for me I am NOW working with people who know what the fuck they are doing and that really do GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ME!
My web designer had never seen this other persons website..I gave him a idea of what I wanted and he made it from scratch. Out of shapes and other things that NO ONE OWNS.Its free to use.
Just because we share some similar interest doesn't have anything to do with you and your website..MILLIONS of sites use this or that that is the same.Popular sayings,colors,designs.
If you don't own the rights to whatever you are using..Just like you used it,anyone else can as well.

I was a little (and only that) hurt to hear this person thinking our sites were too similar for their own comfort(that statement alone makes this person seem like they are ALL about them) was someone on my myspace friends list.Which is funny..because my myspace background I made PERSONALLY when I opened the myspace FOR ME.I LOVE these colors and rays..SO fucking what?..Some people like polka dots,triangles....what the fuck ever..I LIKE STRIPES AND RAYS!
IF you are on my list to just be sneaky or spy..Thats sad.
If you think I am copying you..Stick around and stalk me some more..You'll be surpirsed at how much I am my own person.
EVERYONE shares something in common with another person.
May only be 1 or 3 or 10 things...But NO ONE is as original as they think..IF you think you are something special then show us..Fight it and be YOU to the end.
Thats what Im here to do.

I'm making waves now and the haters want to ride em'.
Ride away haters..ride away.
The old me would have gave this person a piece of my mind and make a big internet retarded fight..but the new me is just sitting back and enjoying my goddamn life.
Life is too damn short to be worrying about some damn haters.

I am one of the most respectable bitches you will ever meet....But you may never know that from myspace or internet land..Come at me in real life and see what's up.

Now here is the Mr. Kat Williams on this fine subject.
Katt Williams on Haters

Revamped Website

Brand spanking(heheh) new design.
Next month is my sites 6 month anniversary and I am still as stoked about it as I was on day 1!!!
Now the site features over 1200 exclusive photos & more than 15 videos. All ranging from Saucy Pinup to Naughty Vixen.
Come check out the newness.
I absolutely fucking LOVE this new design.
(make sure you check out the new preview page as well ^_^ )

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My hate/love relationship with photo editing.

I must rant.

Ok, I can totally understand why if you are selling a "product" or whatever why you'd edit something to make it "looks it's best".
You may think that you are charging people to see this or buy that so you should give them 100% greatness.But when you edit something so much to where it doesn't even look like it does in "real life"..That is simply NOT REAL.It's fake.Period.

I admit I clean up a pimple here or sharpen the lighten there in my material.
But I leave in the REALNESS..I have stretch marks,gaped teeth,cellulite and other natural things.I am a pale fat girl.That sometimes is horrible photographing.
Sometimes my ass is so white it is blinging!..But that is ME and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I don't understand how someone can be a confident model and think so little of themselves they have to nip and tuck every little flaw photo shop style.
Plus sized companies editing magazines and other social seen material to make the fat girl look better?..No it's not real. If you say your fans want to see the stretch marks and realness of a full women.LEAVE THEM THERE! They want to see just that.
In the fine words of Mr.Kat Williams "We ain't got time to be worrying about some damn stretch marks..We know it came from either one of 2 things.Either your ass was big and got small..or you was small and got big".
Fucking here here! That's REAL.

So damn many people bash on the mainstream and other things for making women and little girls feel bad about being themselves.For so long the media made realness so fucking fake thats what everyone thought real was.
You have people starving themselves to lose weight.Plastic fucking surgery to get this other persons nose.
What the fuck man!

Why can't we promote self love and how to accept that no one is perfect?
That's what we need to see more of.
All sized media.All fashions,colors,shapes,looks,feels.

Why the fuck would I want blue eyes when my eyes are green? And who in the hell in real life has PURPLE eyes?..Come on now.& If you do have Purple eyes..How are they that one day,green the next and blue another??...NOT!
When you people that over edit your material are doing it do you not think people can see the random BLUR here or there on your leg or something?..Or that your hair just happens to be ever so insanely smooth looking..like not real.
I guess what they say is true.."Stupid people think you are as stupid as they are".
NOW NOW before you get your panties in a woad know that I am not saying everyone who edited their shit is stupid.
I'm just saying...If it's too good to be true and it LOOKS too perfect..It probably is PHOTO SHOPPED!!
The new aged look to everything.


How could you go out in the real world after spending hours photo shopping yourself? You surely will look some what different..If not totally fucking different.

I can understand we ALL look different without the makeup done or hair done.
But if you cant leave your house with out a gallon of makeup on,fake eyelashes,a fucking wig(excluding if you are bald or something..haa)on that seems like a horrible way to "live".

Confidence is THE sexiest thing in the world.
You can be real..rock out with your pimples or wrinkles out and be hot shit..IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HOT SHIT!! That is the key.
If your confidence comes from you getting comments from other people..Then thats not confidence.Get it right!!
YOU are the only one that should have to accept you.
If you can truly love yourself and not give a fuck what others think of you in ALL faces of life(makeup and natural),then you are truly confident.
If you can carry the "I am the shit" attitude with you from makeup to natural ..You are beautiful.You have "IT".

Anyone can look like a superstar with photo editing.
How much of it is REAL? The world will never know.

At least until we start the REAL MOVEMENT.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I wanted to dedicate a blog to this amazing website.
Fuck you if you think this is just because I am apart of it.I would be ME with or without this particular website..may just have taken a little longer.ha.
I am insanely impressed with this website.From the models to the designer and beyond.
Everyone involved with this website is truly awesome.
If you have been around me or if you have heard of me you know I speak my mind.
Sometimes that gets drama started ..Some of which I'm not particularly proud of.
But you live and learn.
Drama free is the way to be.
Within the short 5ish months I've been working with The Plumps Dolls I haven't had one fucking ounce of DRAMA!! That is sweet.
We are all fucking adults and don't talk internet shit.
The ones I've met in PERSON are just as stellar as I thought they'd be.

If you haven't visited this website DO SO NOW!
It WILL be changing the way plus sized women are viewed.MANY of the "Plump Dolls" are tattooed and pierced.Some have insane colored hair or outrageous photo sets.These women are NOT afraid to think outside the box or "mainstream".For that I feel honored to be apart of this.

The owners are multi talented.They take photos,videos,do editing,make all kinds of graphics,websites and so on.They are helpful and kind.They give you 100% what YOU want in every way.They are open minded and applaud the "strange and unique".
It takes balls to do what these folks are doing.
I love people with BALLS..haha..I just had to say that.haha.

I know MANY of the people in this "industry" of adult modeling..Erotica..BBW modeling..Porn..whatever the fuck you want to call it...Many may say their not in it for the money and they truly be..Some openly say its just about the money..
But others just have a love for art or however you take it.
Its the ones with the true passion of making a change that make this even more worth wild.
Money is always good..But if thats all your in this for I'd think you'd get sick sooner or later.
It'll just be the same lame old shit over and over again to you.
We see it happening all the time.One minute someones on the top of the "modeling " world and the next they've quit and blah blah blah.
True artist will ALWAYS make something beautiful in their own way.
It's not something you turn on and off or get bored of. This is just all my opinion ..But you are reading MY blog.

Anyways..I'm getting off topic here.

I just wanted to give some shout outs and link some rad websites for you all to check out.

The Official Plump Doll's Website

The wonderful people who make Plump Dolls possible

Plump Doll's Photo & Video Blog


The Plump Doll's Social Network

The Official Plump Doll's Myspace Page

Plump Doll's on Suicide XL

The Dolls:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Erotic Writing - Ménage à trois

It happened to me the first time when I was only 18 years old.
I developed this relationship with a guy and his wife.We took some cocaine and began just at first kissing each other.Then I started eating her pussy and the guy was fucking me from behind.This was my first 3 some and I was loving it.
As he fucked me harder,I was shoving this big dildo is his wives wet pussy.
Then it was my turn.She started eating my pussy and taking her husbands hard dick.She had a little purple vibrating bullet rubbing it all over my pussy while she was sucking on my wet lips.
Her husband took her and they started going at it,just the 2 of them.I watched and masturbated.All of a sudden she wanted him to fuck me as she watched and fucked herself with the bullet.We began fucking in a missionary position.
His hard dick pounding my tight young pussy.His wife came over and started sucking on my tits.This all felt amazing.I just licked my lips with pleasure.
As I moaned,he slid his dick out of my pussy and got some ice.With his wife still sucking my tits.He started rubbing wet cold ice all over my throbbing pussy.
He stuck one finger in my warm soaked cunt,then 2.
Suddenly, he dug his face in my pussy and started eating it like he was in a pie eating contest.With the 2 fingers in my pussy,a face chomping,slurping and sucking I began twitching uncontrollably.I never felt anything like this.
His fingers pushing deeper and harder.I suddenly came.I let out a loud moan "OOOoOOOOOOH!!".Juices poured out of my pussy onto his fingers still in my thrusting pussy.He pulled his fingers out and gave a big grin.
I soon realized that was no ordinary orgasm.I just squirted for the first time.
(See "Erotic Writing - Female Ejaculation" for writings on this subject.

A few week later with the same guy(who had an open marriage) we were hanging out with this other guy, having some drinks.I was sexually involved with this other guy month earlier and he was just a fuck buddy really.
We were all on this big trampoline in my backyard.After having many drink we were all feeling pretty good.I initiated a threesome.I just came right out with it and told the guys to pull their pants down I wanted to suck their dicks.
Both jumped to it. I began sucking one and giving the other a hand job.Back and forth I switched from cock to cock,sucking and rubbing.The guys were touching me all over and kissing me.It felt so good.I said to them " you guys like that"?
They each let out a very excited "Yes".
After sucking each cock hard as a rock.We all took off our clothing.
Right there on the trampoline.It was a beautiful spring night and we we're about to get freaky.
One of the guys pulled my naked ass right towards him.The other guy laying naked on the side of the trampoline.A bit intimidated if you ask me.I told the other guy to come over to us and I began sucking his dick more while the other guy was fucking me from behind.At one point I was getting plowed so hard I couldn't even suck the other cock. I just moaned,rubbing the dick all over my mouth.Saliva was everywhere.It was so fucking hot.
Next the guys switched up and the other guy got behind me.He was definitely intimidated.The hard cock I was just sucking on went away when it came his time to fuck me.He said it was because he fucked or had a blow job earlier that day,one of the two.
But the other guy and I knew it was from us.While sucking the intimidated guys dick the other guy was fucking the hell out of my pussy.He had the bigger dick too.
So we moved to this little building that I had in the backyard.
There was a couch and some chairs in there.We all went over to the couch.
One guy sat down (the one that could keep it up),I sat on top of him lap.
I slid his hard dick in my warm,wet pussy.
After letting out a soft moan from his big cock pushing in my tight pussy.
I told the other guy to go around the couch and come to my face.I put his soft cock in my mouth and it began to get hard with the quickness.
Sucking,in and out..Licking and nibbling his dick while riding the other guys lap.
It was a greaaat time.
After a while I stopped sucking and that guy jacked off while watching the other guy and I fuck intensely.
With me on his lap he took his arm up and around my shoulders.Pushing my body hard on his body already pumping hard up towards me.We fucked hard and rough.Both of us sweating.I could feel the orgasm coming.He reached around to my hair while shoving his cock in my pussy and pulled it a little.Then harder.
I finally exploded with a huge orgasm.I let out a loud scream of excitement.
I could feel my pussy clinching on his dick.He then said "get on your knees and open your mouth". I did. He came in my mouth and I swallowed his thick warm cum.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Erotic Writing - Anal

I went to a party when I was about 15 and seen this guy I thought looked just Like Johnathan Davis.You know from the band Korn.God,I loved him back in the day.I think he was even the very first guy I ever fantasied about while touching myself.Anyways,I seen this guy and thought to myself "Im fucking him tonight".Yeah,I was a horn ball at a young age.I also looked and acted much older.So I got away with telling people I was 17-18.
So he comes in,Im nice and drunk,we hit it off.I went home with him,both of us were drunk as hell.We got in his place and started fucking.It started so fast and was so intense and hard.It felt so good.He was flipping and tossing my thick ass all over the place.Putting me in positions I'd never been in.Hell,I had only been with about 2 people before this.Needless to say I wasn't very experienced.And so tight.He was fucking me so hard my pussy hurt.
I was laying on my back with him holding my right leg in the air.He started fucking my tight pussy harder and harder.I was screaming so loud.It felt so good.I could feel my pussy throbbing.
Then all of a sudden he pulled out of my pussy and stuck his dick in my ass.He just did it.
So fast and forceful I couldnt resist.It hurt my virgin ass.I was so wasted I didn't even care.
I surely didn't want the guy to know I was inexperienced.I laid there and took it.Him pounding his hard cock in and out of my young tight ass.
Finally he came,all over my stomach.While the sex was hard the way I liked it.It seemed to go by so fast.I didn't cum.I never had when I was that age.I didnt have my first real orgasm until I was about 17.
So that was my first time having anal sex.My ass hurt for a week after that.
For the longest time I thought anal sex was nasty.I often said "its a exit not a entrance". The anal sex I had when I was younger didn't really turn me on.
Years went by and when I was 18 with my ex boyfriend once I let him finger and play with my
ass.He put lotion on his finger and stuck it in and out just a few times.It was really uncomfortable for me.I don't think the lotion was helping at all.With the same guy a few months later I let him fuck my ass for his birthday.His cock was really small(and I mean SMALL) so I really don't recall it being uncomfortable or painful.I actually found myself enjoying it just a bit.It was still more weird to me then anything.He was slow and gentle.He smacked my ass the way I liked it.
It at that time became something I could see me liking.
A few more years past without me doing anal.I was now with a guy that wanted to do it.I told him it wasnt something I've done too much but I'd do it.One night he asked if he could while we were fucking missionary.I said yes and it stuck it in raw.His cock was barely in and it hurt so bad.I jumped back a bit and his cock pulled out of my ass quickly.I moaned and told him softly "baby that hurts".So we went back to pussy. His cock was way bigger then the last guy.My new guys dick wasnt too long but it was really thick.So I could see why it hurt so much.
As time past I found myself thinking more and more about anal sex.I was actually wanting it.
We stopped by a store on the way home one night and got some lube.I heard that makes things a lot easier.So one night after a few beers.I was feeling a little kinky.During foreplay I had my man take the lube and a small finger to my ass.He went slowly and it felt so so good.He ate my pussy and played with my ass.I just threw my head back and enjoyed.For the first time I was really getting into this.Then we tried his cock again.While it still hurt.The lube helped so much.I laid there with my ass up and face down taking his cock in my ass.He got it all in.I felt the push and pressure.I tried not to get too tense.He pushed and pumped a few more times before nutting in my asshole.He moaned so loud.MmM.
After that I began to get in more moods to have anal.One night while fooling around I ask my boyfriend to take my small vibrator,lube it up and try that in my ass.That was rather long but a bit thin.It felt real good.I was on all fours.He then pushed my ass up a little and stuck his cock in my pussy.He was still easing the vibrator in and out of my ass.This was the first time I had double penetration.Oh,it was sooo amazing.I just laid their moaning and biting my lip.Pushing my ass back on his cock and the vibrator I came.The orgasm I had was like no other.It seemed more intense and longer.He removed the vibrator from my ass and began fucking my pussy very hard.I screamed and moaned from just cumming and now having his cock inside my tight thrusting pussy felt so goddamn great.
So then came the first time I ever masturbated and fucked my ass.This happened for the first time a few weeks ago.I was all alone and had been watching hardcore porn,while I felt the urge to masturbate.As I often do.I went into my bedroom and made my bed.I have no clue why.I just felt like it.A nice clean place to do dirty things.So I reached down into my "sex draw" and pulled out my vibrator and the lube.I felt in the mood for ass play.I began just touching my pussy and rubbing my tits.Then I turned on my vibrator and started stroking my wet pussy with it.Harder and harder.Then I turned around and got on my knees.I put my ass in the air and my face down on the bed.I took the lubed up vibrator in my left hand and reached back to my ass.I slowly put the buzzing vibrator in my ass.I had to give it a nice push in.With the help of all the lube I put on it the thing slipped in quite nicely.I moaned and relaxed.Laid my head down a bit more and gently pulled and pushed the toy.With my other hand I reached down and rubbed my clit.This felt so fucking good.I was so excited that I was doing this.Everything down there felt warm and wet.I began to rub my pussy faster and faster.Pushing the vibrator as far in my ass as it would go.I could feel it deep inside me.With more strokes I came.As my body clinched from the orgasm.My ass spit out the toy.I let my legs back and just stretched out.My whole body still twitching from the orgasm.I thought to myself "why did it take me so long to start enjoying that".


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Modeling/Weight Rant

What the fuck is it with all these chicks wanting to lose weight??
If you are a fat chick and say you are soooooo confident in being just that.Then why is it you(and I just speak of anyone in this boat) want to go on a diet?I understand some people must lose weight for health issues.
But why is it that a once "confident" fat girl who's now skinny wants to diss on fat people? I fucking can not stand that!!
Ive seen this happen oh so many times...All I can think is that person WAS NOT as confident as they lead everyone to believe.
Skinny doesn't = beautiful!!

Some damn people LOOK BETTER BIGGER!!

I seen plus size models that say they HATE this or that about their bodies..Thinking surgery would make this or that better.
I think to myself..WOW..This person really models?.Why?...Im sorry but any idol for any type of person should be confident as hell.You are there to ROCK whatever you are.Not just for you but for everyone in that category.
If you don't like yourself,then why the hell are you modeling?
You are suppose to be giving whatever you are modeling a good name.
NOW I understand no one is perfect!!!!! I think its great when people accept that and their flaws.Its a beautiful thing.
I just feel that if you are a model..Especially one that gets nude..You should LOVE every inch of your body..This roll, that mole..Everything.

I must say tho. I am guilty of editing,but not to the point where I'm not real.
Like if we were to actually met I'd look the same as my picture.
Most everyone says they don't like a fake bitch..
At the same time if you are charging people to see your material..You want them to get the BEST of.At least I know I do.
Unfortunately,the media has everyone thinking these stars are flawless..WRONG...
I don't feel that a great model or porn star is the one with the most makeup on or their hair did up the most.Or the most plastic surgery.
I personally feel that your emotion is what makes you a great model or not.
That's what it is all about anyways right? Modeling..To model something...
Shit even if its just a smile..I see sooooooo many models never smiling or showing emotion.That KILLS me! DO SOMETHING MAN!!
Its just the same face 50 times..all it is I'M GETTING NAKED!!

I think I'm done here.
Just a quickie.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a little update...

So,its been a little over a month since my solo website opened.
The feeling of this finally happening is indescribable.
I may talk about this A LOT,but for this to be where I am and I've only been in this game for less then 2 years...I'm fucking ecstatic...Each set I do I feel I am getting better and better..V
ideos on the other hand..I SUCK at...But unlike photos,that is REALLY new to me...I'll get the hang of it and my videos with be just as awesome as my photos..Right now,I KNOW my videos can be better...Shit I've never even talked in one yet.I feel like who the hell am I talking too..Start laughing and its CUT!! hahah..I like to shake my ass..Thats 90% of my videos right now.hahaha..

I'm just really thankful.I want to let everyone who sees this know how thankful I am..Even if its only a myspace add and you check me out..Thats awesome,thank you.

I plan to be doing this for years..I know models that have been here for yearssssssssssss...and I think to myself..man just imagine where I'll be in that many years...I can't wait!

I did a interview a while back and got asked a really great question..I think about that..and this blog I read somewhere, everyday.
Why? These 2 things changed me FULLY on this industry...
hatever the fuck you want to call it.
It made me more wise to many things.I admit I was a bit stupid in the beginning of all this..
I wouldn't take it back for nothing because it made me who I am today.
I am always grateful for change and learning new things..Even if I have to lose some decent people in myspace world because of it.

The website is going to be changing soon...New material is on the horizon..
I will..*drum roll please*........BE SHOWING VAG!!!!!!....
YEEEEP, you heard me right. If you want to see any little piece I'm showing you will have to be a member of my site..No samples or promo pictures with it on there (unless you are a member of forums I post at).
I am still not doing any hardcore material..Don't think you will see that there.
I have recently done some fetish material I just find necessary to show more.
And for anyone thinking negatively on this matter...Its really none of your business and it will STILL be the most tasteful puss shots anyone has ever seen.
Damn right.
I will also like to add..I will never be a Torrid model or something else mainstream like that...F
or many reasons.
So Ima do what I can do to the fullest.
The end on that.

I want to thank everyone who has joined the site so far.
It is still really new and I can understand if some people don't want to join it right now..Someday the price with be the same for 300% more content..
I'm still really new..I know I'm not going to be anything great over night..Or over month..
Nevertheless,thank you all who have joined...It means the world to me for this site to be doing business..
Not for the money..I could really care less about that..But I have other people that have worked really hard on this.I have also worked really hard for this and update weekly...So it is worth pa
ying for..And I mean you do get to see me buck ass naked..Thats a small price to pay in my world.
I have so many plans for this site and they have only JUST begun.
Soon the videos will be longer and more detailed & the sets will contain larger amounts of photos.
Practice makes perfect.

thats all for this little update.

Thanks for reading.


A lil sneak peep of my newest set (not live yet)

Monday, March 10, 2008


So,I've just made this thing.
I plan to rant here.hahah among other things.
Be back later to say some more stuff.